31 Jul 2012

Madonna’s 10km was approaching world record times until the controversial banning of the cone bra.

Yes, as suspected Pose running is pretty much just simply running whilst blasting your favorite Madonna Cd and wearing a cone bra. It’s actually pretty much all about the cone bra and it’s aerodynamic properties. Not to mention the “feel good” lift that knowing you are running in style can help you attain. Don’t own a cone bra you say? No problems, just follow the three easy steps below!

Step 1.
Bring two cones.

Step 2.
Bring a belt or some twine.


Step 3.
Attach the belt/twine to the cones, put the created “cone bra™” on and place the ear buds of your newly loaded Ipod in your ears and simply run like you’re being chased by the paparazzi!

Pointy cones do work more effectively, but points (no pun intended) will be given for style

Well, in all seriousness! What we actually are going to focus on is:
-Learning to run whilst maintaining a solid midline and a slight forward lean.
-Pulling our feet off the ground using our hamstrings and glutes instead of pushing off the ground in long and labored strides predominantly using our quads and hip flexors. 
-Landing on the balls of our feet with a slight touch of the heels directly underneath our torso instead of the more common heel strike action which generally accompanies our feet landing out front of the body effectively halting our momentum with every step.
-Breaking the 100m ice sprint record…

It has been said that this is the most efficient way to run. Old heel striking habits won’t be easily forgotten in one session, but we’ll give you some of the tools which will enable you to practice this on your own.

Do bring the cones though; I was serious about that part…

Jane & Belinda hanging around!

Pose running technique

In groups of 3:
8 min AMRAP
Athlete 1: Runs 200m
Athlete 2: Burpees
Athlete 2: Plank
Athlete 2 performs as many burpees as possible whilst Athlete 1 runs the 200m. The catch is that Athlete 2 can only perform burpees whilst the plank is held by athlete 3.

You team score is the amount of burpees performed over the 8 minute period.




30 Jul 2012

Enjoy “the other king”!  Apparently there are three kings…. I reckon Ice Cube would be squat king… Stay tuned for the third king…(If this makes no sense – read yesterdays blog!)

Back squat 12 mins to find a heavy single

For time:
Dead lifts (Body Weight)
and Push-ups x 2

Never doubt yourself


29 Jul 2012

They say the squat is the king of exercises. The Pull-up is its upper body equivalent. Two “kings” you hear? If Rambo and Rocky can exist in the same body – Why not!

Whilst overlooked by some, the grip strength, back strength and overall awesomeness required to accomplish a dead hang pull-up is well worth the effort.  Whether directly or indirectly, the Pull-up can have a carry-over effect to many other exercises. Deadlifts and OLY lifts can be helped greatly by being able to pull bigger numbers, and a stronger posterior chain helps us to maintain midline stability throughout these lifts, as well as in other movements such as heavy squats. The bench press can also be greatly helped by the upper back musculature being strengthened, therefore providing a more stable base to push from.

Whilst improvement in athletic ability is one thing, the improvement a Pull-up can make to our general posture is another point very worthy of a mention.  The exclusion of pull-ups (and pulling exercises in general) in many people’s programs can lead to what is known as “D-Bag shoulder” or “way-too-much-seated-chest-press-itis”, where the anterior musculature can be more developed than the posterior – pulling our shoulders forward and giving us that nice healthy hunched look!  This awesome look can also be attained by spending our lives in this shoulders rolled forward position. We sleep in this position, eat in it, drive to work and spend 8-10 hours sitting at a desk in it.  We get back in the car and resume the position for the drive home before settling into an evening on the couch in it. This is what we’re fighting! And we can win this fight, with some sweat, determination, perserverance and PULL-UPS amongst other things..

Together we can let Pull-ups into your life and you’ll then wonder…who was I before this?….Today I am born.

Are you reading this now with posture such as this? (Note: if you are on your Iphone and holding it around the hip to chest area, you are most likely accomplishing the same thing)

Weighted pull-ups 2,2,2,1,1,1

Buy in: 400m row
10 rounds
7 pull-ups
7 box jumps
Cash out: 400m run

86 year old gymnast!


29 Jul 2012

I thought this week we would have a casserole recipe, seeing as it’s cold and wet.  I’ll be glad when Winter is over as I love the heat.  I got this recipe from my local butcher years ago and the slight change to make it Paleo is simple.  Part of the original flavour base is ¼ cup apricot jam or 2tbsp brown sugar which I substituted with Medjool dates.  I also made my own Curry Powder.  I think Clive of India brand curry powder is okay but I’m never sure when the ingredients state garlic granules, as to whether that has any wheat in it.  At Nick G’s request I’ll also add Cauliflower Rice to accompany it. Enjoy!!

1kg gravy, chuck or any stewing grass-fed beef
1 large onion, chopped and diced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2tbsp curry powder
1-2 chillies de-seeded and cut finely
4 medjool dates pitted and sliced
2 ½  cups stock
400ml can coconut milk
1 sweet potato, peeled and cubed

Preheat oven to 160C.  Cut beef into large cubes, season with salt and pepper and add about 2 tablespoons of oil to beef and mix well in a bowl.  Heat a heavy-based pot over medium high heat and brown the beef in two to three batches.  Remove each batch to another bowl. Once all meat has been removed from the pan, reduce heat and add a little extra oil. Add the onion and cook for up to 4mins, add the garlic and chilli and continue stirring and cooking for 1-2mins.  Stir in the curry powder, then add the stock, coconut milk and sliced dates and stir until the mixture boils.  Return the meat to the pan and stir to combine. Cover the casserole pan, place in oven and cook until the beef is tender (approx. time 2 to 2.5 hrs).  I added the sweet potato after about 1 ½  hour cooking time too.

To judge if your casserole is ready simply taste it – the sauce should be rich in flavour and slightly thickened.  The meat should be tender enough to fall apart easily with a fork.  If it’s not done put it back in the oven and simmer for a further 15mns.

Fry the meat


The finished product

8tbsp cumin seeds       
7tbsp whole coriander
2tbsp ground ginger
4tbsp turmeric powder
½ to 2tbsp cayenne pepper or chilli powder*
*I only used ½ tbsp as in that way I can add sliced chillies for extra heat.  I’ve been caught out before when being heavy handed with spices or sauces which are so hot I can’t eat them 🙂

Grind everything together.  I used my Magic Bullet for this and then keep the powder in a sealed jar.

1 cauliflower roughly chopped       
½ tspn curry powder
Dash cayenne pepper
1 green onion finely chopped
1 tbsp oil               
Salt and pepper seasoning to taste

Saute cauliflower in oil in a frypan over low-medium heat 5mns or until it starts to soften.  Remove from pan and place in food processor along with the other ingredients and pulse until it reaches a rice-like consistency. Add black pepper and salt to taste.

**Another way is to roughly chop a cauliflower.  Place in bowl.  Add oil and seasoning to taste and mix thoroughly.  Place mixture onto a parchment lined tray and roast in oven.  It will change to a slightly brown colour.
Blitz a peeled onion in food processor and remove.  Break a cauliflower into pieces, removing the stems.  Place in food processor and pulse until the cauliflower looks like rice.  Heat large frypan or skillet over medium-high heat.  Add oil, then stir in onion and cook for 5mns.  Add cauliflower next and cook, stirring occasionally until tender or to your taste.  If you find its starting to burn or stick, add a little stock too.


27 Jul 2012

Bacon…The best invention since grass fed steak! Enough said. Enjoy the rest of the photos from this weeks exploits 🙂

Manning in the “Can I actually jump that high? oh Sh*t I better not fail and shin myself phase”

Going for it!!



Nick G!

The Push-up derby from Tues night!


10 mins to Find your 1rm TGU

Then complete
3 x max L-sits

200m run
20 Overhead Squat 20/15
20 Back Squat
20 Front Squat
200m run
20 Strict Press
20 Push Press
20 Push Jerk
200m run
20 Cleans
20 Deadlift
200m run

Remember guys- believe in yourself!



26 Jul 2012

Nick D isn’t “that” guy, just a great photo!

It always happens…. every concert you go to there is always one. One person that has to be “that” guy. Did his parents not love him? Was he the class clown still yearning for attention? News flash! It just ain’t cool to smoke anymore!  A good proportion of people don’t smoke anymore and no-one likes being forced to partake in your stinking habit!  There we were, at Festival Hall, enjoying watching Jack White and his awesomely talented female backing band, and “that” guy happened to be standing a few metres away. You know “those” ones that light cigarettes and smoke in the middle of the crowds at indoor concerts, whilst everyone around them is forced to enjoy the second hand smoke, so cramped you are unable to move away (not to mention unwilling to move as it took half an hour to find a spot in which you can actually see the band over everyone else’s heads)? I hate “that” guy! Damn freaking rebel!

Well…On a similar but much less dramatic topic. Don’t be “that” guy with the chalk! Whilst we haven’t reached epidemic proportions in our chalk wastage and otherwise “outside-of-chalkbucketness” if it grows on the scale it has we’ll have Northcotes own indoor freaking artificial ski field! You actually don’t need heaps and heaps of chalk on your hands. Just a light coating. If you could get the excess chalk off inside the bucket that will be greatly appreciated. Besides, if you use too much chalk it can actually make it more likely your hands can rip which ain’t a fun thing I can tell ya!

..… It puts the chalk in the bucket! (In Silence of the lambs creepy voice)

Strict shoulder press 3 x max 40/30
Push press 1 x max 40/30
Push press & push jerk 1 x max 40/30

for time:
Run 200 m
30 KB swings – 24/16
25 burpees
30 KB swings – 24/16
Run 200 m

This video really inspires me. These guys show so much strength. Never quit.


25 Jul 2012


The Grip master himself. Popeye, fabled to have beaten Chris Speallers’ 106 unbroken pullups by over 10 reps, would have loved CrossFit! But, this awesome feat (And Popeye’s huge forearms) didn’t happen overnight. Many hours were spent honing his technique and grip strength. Lets firstly start with one round of maximum unbroken strict pull-ups then go over your kipping technique with a fine tooth comb and unleash 2 sets of max unbroken kipping pull-ups. Remember…NO CHICKEN NECKING !

Don’t forget your can of spinach!


Strict Pull-ups 1 x max
Kipping Pull-ups 2 x max
2 mins rest between efforts

Hang power cleans 50/30
Wall balls 9/7




24 Jul 2012


Fin’s shirt was chaffing him..

Lyle & Nick G

Today after a squat fiesta we have the CrossFit benchmark workout “Annie”….Enjoy!

Front squat 2,2,2,2,2

“Annie” 50,40,30,20,10



23 Jul 2012

Manning mid-flight!

Renee & Paleo Mum! (Thats a 30 inch box with a plate on it BTW!)

Finbar the fury! 121cm i believe?

Whilst I’m sure nobody thought any of the Olympic disciplines were easy, there is nothing like gaining some experience in the movements to acquire some appreciation as to how hard some of the skills are to master.
Take Gymnastics for example – those girls and guys make it look so easy! A Muscle up is simply the way they get themselves on the rings to start their routine. An Iron Cross looks effortless.  If you have little experience on rings you’ll most likely find yourself shaking uncontrollably the first time you attempt the support position of a dip, so just imagine the strength and skill that these athletes posses.

Olympic lifting doesn’t really look like much, until you register the actual weights these monsters are lifting! The overall technique, power, speed, accuracy and flexibility needed to perform these lifts is unknown until you start learning them.  I’m sure that most of us can remember that even trying a front or overhead squat for the first time was quite challenging!

Take Pyrros Dimas from the video posted below for example. Whilst competing in the class to 85kg division he Clean and Jerked 215kg! That’s more than 2.5 x his bodyweight! He competed in 4 separate Summer Olympics, won a total of three gold medals and one bronze and is regarded as one of the greatest of all time. I love watching this video.

I’m guessing we’ll all be paying much closer attention to these events, come the start of competition this Friday!
On a side note, we have our own Olympic hopeful training with us. Sara who narrowly missed out on representing Australia in Judo for the Olympics this year, can be seen without fail, giving it her all with us in the morning sessions, whilst a further six nights a week are spent in the Judo dojo. With her determination I’m sure we’ll be watching her kick ass in 4 years time! What’s awesome is that she is using CrossFit as one of the tools to help her get there!

Clean & Jerk find your 1RM

6 min multiplying AMRAP
2 HR push ups
28m sprint
4 HR push ups
28m sprint
6 HR push ups
28m sprint
Then 8…HR push ups going up by 2’s whilst the sprints stay at 28m



22 Jul 2012



Most people without even thinking, treat their car better than their body.  Always making sure to fill up with the correct fuel and scheduling frequent services.

How come you never mix in a little dirt with the petrol on your cars cheat day, or just let that strange clunk noise persist knowing it could be dangerous or end up costing you more money/time if you don’t act before it’s too late?

Just as your car does, when you fuel your body with better foods you function better on all levels.

Next time, think twice before having that “cheat day” (or at least choose a less cheaty option :).  If you have any sore tissue or niggling issues don’t let them become major problems – ask us what you can do about it.  Give yourself a regular service and start mobilizing each day – again, ask us and we’ll show you. Heaps of awesome info is on this site also Mobility WOD.

I challenge everyone to start up a month of paleo eating as of next week.  It’s actually quite easy -T he Paleo Mum blog on this website has a new recipe each week which you can add to your cooking bag o’ tricks and there is a huge amount of websites and info out there on the wide world of web (we have links on our “what is Paleo” tab).  Ask questions, lets find something that works for you and you’ll be amazed at the changes, both in terms of composition and performance!

And next time you’re thinking of having that chocolate bar, shove a handful of dirt in your cars fuel tank also for good measure!

Read this Article: What really makes us fat

10 mins to find your Max height box jump

“Number of the beast”
18 min AMRAP
6 Pistols
6 box jumps
6 Pull-ups
18 DU