30 Sep 2012

Power Pancakes!!

I’ve hijacked the Paleo Mum post for this week to bring you the one of the simplest and most awesome recipes known to Paleolithic man. POWWWWWWWWERRRRRRRRRR PANCAAAAAAAAAAAAKES!!!!

This is a great post workout snack/meal which gives you a quick and simple protein and carb hit without needing a protein shake or slaving over a hot pan of steak and veg. Lotta told me about this on the weekend, I cooked it the next day and then decided to take credit for it by giving it an awesome name. Probably like what someone did with the Deadlift (previously known as the Health lift). So if anyone tells you that they knew about this recipe before now, they are most probably lying telling the truth.

Power pancakes
1 banana
2 eggs
Mash them together
Scramble or flip like pancakes on a hot pan
Once cooked sprinkle some cinnamon on top
Then enjoy.

This would also be great to have with some berries and stuff of that nature!

Post your photos enjoying power pancakes to Facebook.

Next week power porridge will be unveiled…….yeah!

-Paleo Ash out


30 Sep 2012

The 88 point team win predicted by our Grand final Hawks v. Swans Saturday WOD sadly didn’t come to fruition for any Hawks fans out there, but don’t worry – this Saturday will make up for your disappointment! WODzilla is coming!!

Once again CCF’s monthly friendly CrossFit competition is happening this Saturday. Clear your schedule and make sure you come down to enjoy a day of Fun, sweat and BBQ!! –Also featuring goodies made by Paleo mum herself.

WODzilla will commence at 10am. BBQ at around 1130am.

The BBQ will cost $10 and we’d love you to sign up on the board if you are coming!

Weighted dips 5,5,5,3,3,3

The CCF one person relay.
For time:
300m Row
30 thrusters 20/15
50 DU
200m Run

Black Sabbath, air guitar and a 100kg Snatch!

28 Sep 2012

Work on a weakness for 15 mins

Grand final workout:
“4 quarters”
1 min each station
4 rounds
Plate jumping burpees
7m sprints
Wall balls 9/7

1st quarter- 1 minute rest.
1/2 time- 2 minutes rest.
3rd quarter- 1 minute rest.

The group will be divided into two teams.
One team will be representing Hawthorn. The other Sydney.
Every 6 reps = 1 goal.
We will then see who will be victorious on the day!


27 Sep 2012

Zucchini bolognaise. – We found the Betty Bossi vegetable twister at a store at the Preston market. Life saver.

TGU find a 1RM – use a barbell if it is heavier than 32kg.

3 rounds for time:
200m run
30 DU
21 Pullup

Note: There will be a Grand Final themed workout tomorrow at 10am. Lift heavy…then hit the pub!



26 Sep 2012

The 10am peeps enjoying the sunshine yesterday!

Back squats 8,8,6,6,4,4

Every 90 secs for 15 mins
6 front rack barbell lunges
15 push ups



25 Sep 2012

Dolph. The product of a well cared for Russian childhood.

At the seminar we attended on the weekend, Mr Pendlay spoke in detail about the history of weightlifting and also about two of the most successful types of training. In the 70’s/80’s it was the Russian versus the Bulgarian style of training. People are still trying to use and adapt these systems today.

Both countries were proficient in raising young children up to becoming world and Olympic champions upon reaching adulthood, each using vastly different training volumes and techniques to achieve this.

Initially both countries would select a young child with no exposure to other sports (thus no bad habits learnt from other sports etc).  They would be from a poor part of the country and this chance at training in weightlifting would give them and their families a better lot in life. The child would be well fed and housed, but train very very hard for the privilege.  The parents would also be given money, a house and a car etc as a direct result of their child’s continuing training and improvement.

Where the two countries differed was in the path in which these children were led in order to train them up as champions. It is believed the differences were directly related to each countries social culture and how each treated the safety and well being of the child differently. The Russians treasure their children and see any potential for injury as abhorrent. They wanted success but realised it didn’t have to come at any cost. It seems that the Bulgarians didn’t see anything wrong with an ‘all or nothing’ approach which could lead to potential damage, but quickly produce champions (Glenn also mentioned that the Russians view children playing Ice Hockey and Gridiron in America as barbaric as there is constant direct contact, thus injuries. I imagine the same would be thought of children playing Football and Rugby in Australia also)

The Russians system was based on a slow and safe increase in volume over a whole 8 or so years of training. Weights would be increased slowly and safely with an emphasis on no children being hurt or injured. Technique and adequate rest would have held a major focus also.

The Bulgarian system is based on basically going for your max every single session, a fast increase in the weights used and ignoring any niggles and issues caused by this high volume and unforgiving program.

Both produced results. It is believed that the Bulgarian system was even better. But at what cost? All of this is also not taking into account the alleged “medication” needed to train with this intensity and ferocity.

It has been said that if a Russian coach had 1 out of 10 students injured, he could have been run out of town. But, a Bulgarian coach in contrast would expect some injuries and this was seen as a natural process in weeding out the weak in order to produce a champion.

Whilst I am writing from memory and in no way implying that the Bulgarians are all completely heartless and ill caring towards children, small fury animals and the like, I can see a direct parallel towards the way some gyms possibly train their members and of what people expect of themselves in a short period of time versus others. Sometimes there can be way too much emphasis on improving too quickly, versus a safe and metered rise in weights with a major focus on technique.

Our culture here at CCF falls directly in line with the Russian method but we also need all of you to keep yourselves in check as well. This is certainly not a prevalent problem within our gym, but worth mentioning nevertheless. Technique is king. It allows you to progress safely and will also help you stay uninjured and able to keep training- that truly is the way to keep getting stronger! If you have to continually take time off for injury, you can often lose any gains made prior. A common example would be squatting/deadlifting etc with collapsing knees or a rounding back at heavy weights…this is very avoidable- simply reduce the weight to again achieve proper form! What’s the rush? Issues will rarely get better by adding more weight and your knees/back will thank you for it. Then you can eventually ramp it back over time safely. It is true, we have a vested interest in you staying uninjured and safe, but we also really like you guys and we hate seeing anyone hurt!

There can also be many flexibility issues which I think some of you could add a little more importance to. Flexibility can vastly effect certain exercises and also lead to possible injuries. I’d love for everyone to be aware and start sorting out their own issues prior to class. For example, do you have trouble racking the bar in a front squat/jerk/clean? Don’t expect that we will always complete a shoulder mobility exercise specific to your particular issue during the warm up, if you see these exercises on the board or on the site before the session – get in a little earlier and work on them yourself prior to class!

In no way am I implying that no one should lift heavy weights or try to push the envelope, but I do want everyone to use common sense and work with weights they can handle. During the conditioning portion of our session I want everyone to give everything they can- but NEVER with disregard for form and safety. It should never become a mad rush to finish as quick as possible with no concern for technique or the safety of others. The aim is to finish as fast as possible with perfect technique. If you need to take a breather to set yourself, make sure you do so. If its too heavy- reduce it. If something hurts your back/shoulder- speak up!

Of course little niggles and the like are unavoidable, but we want to keep our safety levels up and keep our little Russian children safe and sound, but on the road to becoming freaking fit and strong!!!

Like I said earlier, we are very very VERY happy with everyone’s progress and level mindedness. But mentioning this definitely can’t hurt the fact 🙂

Weighted pull ups 5 x 6
with 8 barbell roll outs in between sets

2 min AMRAP
50m Sandbag run
7 SDHP 40/25
7 box jumps 24/20
2 min rest
3 rounds

24 Sep 2012

Klex AKA “The Wiggler” modelling our new Spring line of apparel.

Our new grey hoodies and singlets have arrived, so now you can be as cool as Klex! Well, maybe not quite as cool, if Ritchie Cunningham put on the same type of leather jacket as the Fonz it still wouldn’t make them on par in the “coolnessometer” but it would have been a step in the right direction.

Push press 2,2,2,2,2

Alternating Tabata
Kb swings

23 Sep 2012

Too right brother!

The Pendlay olympic lifting course we attended on the weekend was freaking awesome!! We were able to learn from a really great teacher in the man Glenn Pendlay himself and it solidified a few key points which make a huge difference. We can’t wait to pass the knowledge on!!

On this note, we’d love as many people as possible to take advantage of our Olympic lifting class held 530pm Thursday nights. Whilst we do complete Olympic lifts during other classes spending more time with them is a huge advantage.  A class such as this is not a feature of many gyms, where you would need to pay for a one on one personal training session in order to get extra coaching. We really would love to give you all some extra time to spend time with these lifts, to caress them…to learn their innermost secrets and in turn in a cool zen like way learn more about yourself….eventually then you will love them 🙂

The more often you lift, the better you get and the more fun it becomes!!!!! You can then do the 630pm session directly afterwards and go home knowing you have taken one extra step towards being a superhuman!

Hang cleans 3,3,3,3,3

“Nasty girls”
3 rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
10 Hang power cleans 60/40

Us together with Glenn Pendlay. You may have noticed his name on our barbells and bumper plates.

Us and Donny Shankle… He is freaking strong and quite a character to say the least!

23 Sep 2012

You all have to make this amazing recipe.  It’s from Cavelady Cooking: 50 Fun Recipes by Hilah Johnson which I downloaded from Amazon.  And it even tastes better the next day.   I’m sure I’ll be bringing more of her recipes to your attention too.  Please enjoy as I have. 

Bolognese sauce:
¼ cup diced onion
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tspn olive or coconut oil
¼ cup dry white wine (optional)
½ tspn dried oregano
¼ tspn dried basil
250g ground pork*(2nd time I made this doubled to 500g)
¼ tspn each red pepper flakes*(used chilli flakes) and fennel seeds
1 cup tomato puree*(added 140g tub salt-free tomato paste too)
¼ cup water
Pinch salt and pepper or to taste
1 sprig fresh basil, torn or fresh parsley, chopped

1 eggplant, about 500g
2 eggs
¼ tspn each salt and pepper

3-4 large zucchinis
Oil, salt and pepper

For the sauce, sauté onion and garlic in oil until softened, about 5mns over medium/low heat.  Deglaze with wine if you like.  Add the dried herbs, pork and spices.  Cook over medium/high heat, crumbling pork into small pieces, until it is no longer pink.  Add the tomato puree, paste and water and simmer 5mns.  Add salt and pepper, torn basil leaves or parsley and remove from heat.

For the eggplant, prick eggplant all over with a skewer and place under grill on high.  Cook for about 10mns total, turning to get the skin blistered and eggplant soft.  Remove and let cool slightly.  Peel and mash with a fork until smooth and cooled off.  Add eggs, salt and pepper.  Set aside.

For the zucchini, slice into long strips.  Brush with oil, salt and pepper and grill on high for about 4mns each side or until just browned.  Remove and get ready to assemble.

To assemble, preheat oven 180C.  Spread a couple spoonfuls of sauce over bottom of a medium baking dish.  Lay half the zucchini strips over the sauce, then half the eggplant spread and lastly half of the sauce to cover lightly.  Repeat layers ending with the sauce.  Bake for about 1 hour or until bubbling and firm.  Serve with a side salad or vegetables of your choice.


21 Sep 2012



These are your options….

A) Take an extra (hopefully) well earned rest day.

B) Sit on the couch

C) Complete this awesome workout:

Squats x 2
Sit-ups x 2
(Yes, that means 42, 30, 18 Squats & Sit-ups)


D) Then sit on the couch 🙂

Enjoy!!! See you all Monday!