31 Oct 2012


The 6am crew mobilizing!

Box squats 4,4,4,4,4

Kb swings

Important note: Next Monday is business as usual, but on Tuesday (Melbourne Cup day) we will only be running one class at 10am.


30 Oct 2012

Renee, Ash & Klex the WunderDawg at the park!

Snatch 3,3,3,3,3

3 rounds
10 Hang Power Snatch
20 Box jumps


29 Oct 2012


Kipping technique then:
3 x max pull-ups

DU & Sit ups
From the 25th of July

28 Oct 2012

1RM Thruster

“Straight outta Croxton”
12 min AMRAP
Helen st run
Then in the remaining time complete as many rounds of:
9 Thrusters 45/30

Reminder– In two Saturdays away we have the WOD-day out! (10 Nov). Which is Charge CrossFit’s monthly WOD and BBQ day! We want this one to be the biggest and the baddest on the freaking block! – add it to your diary and make sure you come along! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah!

28 Oct 2012

The Ash smash!!

Once again I am hijacking Paleo Mum to bring you an important broadcast!

Introducing…….The Ash Smash!!
For when you need to cook for time.

This meal is fast, tastes awesome, keeps you full for ages but it won’t win any awards for presentation!

There is only 4 ingredients and one pan needed.
Sweet potato
Coconut oil

Step 1. Peel and karate chop sweet potato into small pieces and cook in microwave (or boil on stove).

Step 2. Chop up some bacon and start frying in a pan with some coconut oil.

Step 3. Beat up eggs in a bowl.

Step 4. Once sweet potato is cooked place it in the pan with the cooked bacon and get it all nice and “baconny”. Then pour the eggs over the lot and stir until you have one big scrambled mess.

Step 5. Eat

All amounts are left to personal preference. But I used 5 rashers of bacon, 4 eggs and 1 sweet potato… Was a huuuuuge plate!

-Paleo Ash out

26 Oct 2012

Fang it!

Weighted plank hold 3 sets AHAP for 30 secs.
Skin the cats 5 x 3

“Fang it!”
Partner workout
1000m row (250m at a time – partner holding a plank)
100 DU (10 max at a time)
100 OH lunges 20/10 (10 max at a time)
10 x 100m sprints (1 at a time)

And 75kg to boot!

25 Oct 2012

James and Nick G during “Elisa”

Weighted Pull-up 1,1,1,1,1

4 rounds
30 second intervals
Abmat sit-ups
Kb swings
1 min rest

Watch this video

24 Oct 2012


Jools n Harry

Close grip Bench Press 15 min to find 1RM

2 min AMRAP
7 Push up
7 Over box jump (no hip extension required)
2 min rest
3 rounds

23 Oct 2012

This workout is dedicated to Elisa. She loves running. But most likely not running backwards! Either way, I guess we’ll find that out! We love her no fuss attitude and she always gives it her all. Plus, you always have to give props to chick drummers. YEAH! Hope you enjoy it Elisa!

Snatch 5 x 1.1.1 snatch, hang snatch & OHS

Run Forwards to the school
Backwards from school to top of Helen st
Forwards from top off Helen st to school
Backwards from school to gym.
2 rounds

22 Oct 2012

Split Jerk 15mins to find 3RM

“The Reckoning”
7 push press 60/40
21 pull ups
42 DU
6 push press
18 pull ups
36 DU
5 push press
15 pull ups
30 DU
4 push press
12 pull ups
24 DU

P.S. Don’t eat within 30 mins before this workout. Kerry and myself found out the hard way! (I actually wouldn’t recommend doing that before any conditioning workout…but for some strange reason I thought this one would be fine….)

Part 2 of the USA v. Europe CrossFit Throwdown held in London this month.