30 Nov 2012


Work on a weakness

4 rounds of 40/20
Box jumps
Barbell roll outs

29 Nov 2012



Deadlifts 12 mins to find a heavy 3

3 min AMRAP x 3 rounds
8 Deadlifts 120/80
12 push ups
100m sandbag run 20/10
3 min rest

28 Nov 2012


Close grip Bench Press 5×5 heavier than last week

CrossFit Benchmark WOD
1000m Row
50 Thrusters 20/15
30 Pull ups

27 Nov 2012


Weighted Pull-ups 12 mins to find 2RM

5 rounds for total time & total DU
1 min DU
Run 200m
20 sit ups

26 Nov 2012

Bad hair day

This could happen to you…… Impeccable beard though 😉

5 x 1 Power Clean + 3 Push Jerk

“Bad hair day”
5 Power Cleans 60/40
5 Burpees
5 Jerks
5 Burpees
5 rounds

NOTE: Charge CrossFit’s XMASWOD & BBQfest is on Sat the 8th of Dec at 10am – Sign up on the board! Yeeeeeeeeaaaahhh!

25 Nov 2012

Death by….

Back squats 10,8,6,4,2

8 min AMRAP
8 OH Kb Lunges 32/24
16 Sit-ups
24 Russian Kb swings

NOTE: Charge CrossFit’s XMASWOD & BBQfest is on Sat the 8th of Dec at 10am – Sign up on the board!

25 Nov 2012

I have previously posted a recipe for Paleo Banana Bread, but since then I now use less nuts, eg almond flour.  I now bake the majority of time with coconut flour which is very easy to cook with. I have also started to use less honey too and at times none.  If I am using dried fruit or chopped dark chocolate, omit the honey as it is already sweet enough.  You need to make sure that the bananas you are using are ripe as this makes the muffins/bread taste so much better.   Also make sure the dried fruits have no added sugar as well.  I  double the recipe which makes  either 2 breads or 24 muffins and freeze them so they are always on hand.  These were featured at the previous WOD-day out BBQ day and I’m posting this recipe in light of all of the positive response 🙂 -enjoy!

3 large or 6 small ripe bananas
2 tspn  honey**optional**
1/3 cup coconut flour
1 tspn baking soda
1 tlbspn cinnamon
1/3 cup walnuts, chopped  or whatever you like, eg frozen bluberries
1/3 cup coconut oil, melted
1 tspn pure vanilla
1 tspn baking powder
½ tspn sea salt
6 eggs at room temperature

Pre-heat oven 180C.  Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl.  I normally only sift the baking soda and baking powder together and if any lumps in coconut flour, very minimal, press with a fork or spoon to blend all together.  In another bowl mash the bananas with potato masher.  Add vanilla and eggs, mix together, add coconut oil and combine again.  Pour wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.  Mix together and if adding frozen fruit, blend this in now too.  Spoon mixture into silicon muffin trays or loaf pans and bake in oven 20-25mns for muffins or 45mns for loaves or until tested with skewer.

NOTE:  Substitue 1/3 cup walnuts with frozen blueberries or fresh, raspberries, golden raisins, sour cranberries, diced plums, cacao nibs, chopped dark chocolate.  Even add together cacao nibs or chocolate and any dried fruits but once again, make sure the dried fruits have no extra sugar added. Substitute spice too, eg ginger or aniseed which gives a licorice flavour. 

23 Nov 2012

Too Wawds?

Hey you…. Yeah YOU!! Are ya free on Saturday the 8th of Dec? If you ain’t – FREAKING CANCEL YOUR PREVIOUS PLANS FOR IT IS CHARGE CROSSFIT’S INAUGURAL SUPER WODTASTIC BBQ CHRISTMAS WODFEST AND IT’S CERTAINLY WORTH FREAKING YELLING ABOUT!! There will be Clowns dressed as Santa, Santa dressed as a clown, raffles, prizes, an awesome Steak, Kerry, Bacon & Egg breakfast, some surprise workouts and most importantly…..YOU!…. Yeah that’s you… 🙂 Book….it….IN!

P.S. We’d love everybody to come…(enough hints already?)

Manning will be lifting in this attire at the XMASWODFEST! Be…there!

12 mins to find a Hang power Snatch 3RM

One WOD. Two parts.

Part 1:
A timer will be set for 10 mins.
Your task is to run Helen st for time. The remaining time left after completing the run is rest.

Upon the completion of the ten minutes move directly onto part 2:

Part 2:
5 min AMRAP
12 US Kb swings 32/24
6 Burpees

You will have two scores, Helen st time + The amount of rounds completed in the AMRAP.

22 Nov 2012

Hagen. (Hagen did this himself-lets send it viral yo! 🙂

Close grip Bench press 5 x 5 heavier than last week

“Death by farmers pull-ups”
On the first minute complete 1 x Pull-up & 1 x 21m farmers walk
the second minute 2 x Pull-up & 1 x 21m farmers walk
the third minute 3 x Pull-up & 1 x 21m farmers walk
the fourth minute 4 x Pull-up & 1……etc
Keep on going until you can no longer complete the specified amount of reps within the minute.
Pull-ups can be completed in multiple sets.

Last enjoyed on the 13th day of July 🙂

21 Nov 2012

Jane D.

Front rack step ups 3 x 20

Hollow rocks