31 Aug 2013

Danni on Helen St

Yes, we have set the precedent of multiple workouts and team challenges on our friendly CrossFit comp and BBQ days, but I really want everyone fresh for this CCF benchmark workout. Intensity is our aim and game today! We will warm up and mobilize then hit the WOD with everything! Multiple and team WOD’s will be seen at all other WODfest days. Finish this benchmark workout as fast as possible then enjoy the Paleo breakie/lunch BBQ!

Using any combination of weight & reps complete the following for time:

“The Charge CrossFit Helen st challenge
Deadlift 3 tonnes/1.8 tonnes
Overhead Press 1 tonne/625kg
Run Helen st (1.08 km)

Only one barbell can be used per athlete.
Athletes must change their own weights.
Collars must be used.
You must complete the total amount of reps for each exercise in the order prescribed.
Deadlifts must be completed with perfect form. You will be stopped and no repped if completed with bad form (especially a rounded lower back).
Press must be taken from ground and can be completed using any combination of strict press, push press or push jerk/split jerk.
The white line on the ground must be touched by hand at the intersection of Helen st & Westbourne Grove.

Aim to choose a weight and rep scheme that allows you to complete each exercise unbroken or with minimal rest.

Some Rx examples of weights and resulting rep breakdowns.

30 Deadlifts at (100/60) = (3 tonnes/1,800kg)
25 Push press at (40/25) = (1 tonnes/625kg)
Run Helen st

33 Deadlifts at (91/55) = (3 tonnes/1,800kg)
25 push press at (40/25) = (1 tonnes/625kg)
Run Helen st

33 Deadlifts at (91/55) = (3 tonnes/1,800kg)
33 Push press at (30/20) = (1 tonnes/625kg)
Run Helen st

The tonnage aim will be scaled as needed.

30 Aug 2013

Scottish Dan & Luke!

Weighted Pull-up 1RM

“Partner Helen”
6 rounds
Run 400m
21 US KB Swings 24/16
12 Pull-ups
One partner works at a time whilst the other rests.
Complete one round each until three have been completed by each partner.

29 Aug 2013

7 min Abs?? Pfffftt! We promise you the same results in 3!

TGU 3,3,3 (3 each side)

Russian Kb Swings
Push ups
-8 rounds of 20/10 for each exercise

Rest 1 min

“3 min Aaaaaaaaaaaabs!”
1 Lying leg raise
1 Sit up (hips cannot leave floor)
Then 2 of each, 3 of each…4,5,6 and you get the drift! Yay!


28 Aug 2013


20 mins to find your Bench Press 1RM

10 min AMRAP
30 DU
15 Hang Power Snatches 35/25

27 Aug 2013


20 mins to find your Snatch 1RM

“Friendly Fran”
Thrusters 20/15

Can you beat Matt Hathcock’s (2:01) or Camille’s (2:29) with using less weight?

26 Aug 2013



20 mins to find your Hang Squat Clean & Push Jerk 1RM

Sit ups

25 Aug 2013

….How fast do you want it?

1RM testing week/fortnight continues with a Front Squat 1RM! Next week will see the start of a new strength cycle! Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!

For those unaware there is a team CrossFit comp coming up on the 7th & 8th of September. Tommy, Josh V, Hagen, Elisa, Alicia & Alice are representing the CCF Cobras!! If interested you should all get on down and support the guys! – it will be a fun day!!! On that topic….We need to supply a judge for the comp…if anyone is interested please enquire with Ash or Kerry 🙂

20 mins to find your Front Squat 1RM

“2 fast 2 furious”….The awful sequel…..
8 min AMRAP
100m run w/ Weight plate
8 Plate Snatches 20/15
8 OH Lunges 20/15
8 Tuck jumps


23 Aug 2013

Khalipa during the Burden run at the 2013 CrossFit games

“The CCF partner burden run!!”
Run Helen St
50 x 1 Deadlift + 2 Lateral bar jumping Burpees 100/80
Helen St Sandbag Run 20/10
50 x 1 Thruster + 1 Lateral bar jumping Burpee 60/40
400m Run
-All runs are to be performed together.
-All Barbell & Burpee combo exercises are to be performed ‘one for one’ between the two partners, completing 25 each.

22 Aug 2013

Turkey jump!

Warming up

A) Bench Press 6,6,6,6
B) Strict Pull-ups 4 x max sets
Superset Movement A with B until 4 rounds of each have been completed.

“Turkey Jump”
Turkish Get-ups 24/16
Box Jumps 24″/20″

21 Aug 2013

Clean 3RM


20 mins to find your Clean 3RM (Touch & Go)

4 Rounds or 10 mins.
15 Thrusters 42.5/30
15 TTB
15 US KB Swings 24/16