28 Feb 2014

Read the note. And YES! The Burpees are real! This is not an empty threat! Put your stuff neatly away and this will not effect you 🙂

Hey guys! We feel like we are at a point now that we could sustain some extra classes! Yaaaaaay! But, we need your feedback in order to do so. You may have already heard about this during a class, but we need you to put your name on the board under any extra classes that you are interested in.

The options are:
-7am during the week.
-7:30pm during the week.
-Having some open gym sessions to work on skills etc (Most likely during either a 7am or 7:30pm time slot or possibly 8am Saturday?)
-A possible Sunday open session. (This one is a shaky idea)
-A Yoga class once or twice a week.

We still need to work out logistics and cannot promise anything as yet, but if the demand is there, we will do our best 🙂

Make your voice heard and let us know ASAP!

Hang Power Clean 3,3,3

30 Hang Power Cleans 60/40
400m run
30 Push Jerks
400m run
30 Deadlifts
400m run

27 Feb 2014

Today the Open begins!!! 530pm & 630pm classes will consist of Open WOD 14.1 (Which is announced at 12pm today)

The 6am and 10am classes will complete the programming below, which is an Open WOD from last year!

TGU 6,6,6

10 min AMRAP
5 Shoulder to Overhead 52.5/35
10 Deadlifts
15 Box jumps or Step ups 24″/20″

Last held 15 March 2013.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are registered for the Open and cant make the 530pm and 630pm classes. 8am and 11am Saturday (Tomorrow) is also available.

26 Feb 2014

Team Shorty at WODfest! Suzi, Chris F, Zeina and Eduardo (Is that your shoe?)

Hello! Well, I had my information wrong! I thought it would be the same as last year, but this year the Open workout announcement is at 12pm on Fridays. (It was 12pm on Thursdays last year).

This means that we will not be running the Open WOD’s during the Friday 6am and 10am sessions as we don’t know what the WOD’s will be! 🙂

As mentioned previously, we would like everyone to try and make the 630pm session if you’re registered. Lets change that to choosing between 530pm and 630pm on the Fridays. But we most importantly want everyone to stick around for both sessions and cheer everybody on! You are also free to come to the 530pm sessions as normal if you are not registered. We want everyone and anyone to come down during those times, lets make a party out of it! Bring your family and friends – come down and see what it’s all about! Goooooooooooo TEAM!

We are aware that some of you may not be able to make the Friday sessions. I will list the below sessions in which you can complete the Open WOD’s:
Friday: 530pm + 630pm.
Saturday: 8am + 11am.

Let us know how this affects you and especially if none of the sessions suit.

If you haven’t registered as yet do so here. Hurry up! Be sure to also register your affiliate as Charge CrossFit and join Team “Charge CrossFit”. If you still unsure, talk to us!

Bench Press 4,4,4,4
w/ CTB Pull-ups 4,4,4,4

10 min AMRAP
10 Push ups
15 DU

25 Feb 2014


Hey guys, here is a good article accomanied by a video on the correct way to lower a bar for multiple reps in the Olympic lifts. Check the short article out here and the video here.

Power Snatch 3,3,3

5 rounds
30 sec Power Snatch
30 sec rest
30 sec Burpees
30 sec rest

Cobra extras:
5 x Max UB Ring MU + Max UB set of DU. (Rest 1 min between sets.)
Note: Do not rest between MU and DU.

24 Feb 2014

Rohan and Paleo Mum!

Maree (AKA my Mum, AKA Paleo Mum) is climbing Mount Kosciuszko this Saturday to raise money for Kids with Cancer. For those not in the know, Mt Kosi is a 13km round trip and one of the tallest mountains in Australia! If you’d like to support her on her quest and give money to the charity follow this link. Go MUM!

Split Jerk Technique

4 Rounds
400m run*
25 Wall balls 9/7

*15 min Cut-off: If you suck at running, scale the distance in order to finish the WOD. Option A: 300m x 4 or Option B: 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m.

Cobra extras:
Find your 2RM Low Hang Clean
3 x Max UB CTB Pull-ups. (Rest 2 min between sets.)

23 Feb 2014


My Open team will be pretty much just like these guys. On Fridays I will be referred to as “Coach Obi-Han”. (As I like to think of myself as having Obi’s wisdom and Hans’ dashing athleticism and slick hair do’). Teams will be required to have awesome team names. Maybe we could also have a dress up day? YAY!

A few other notes about how we are running the Open this year:
The Open WOD’s will be held during all classes on Fridays anyway. (So, maybe just register?)
We are hoping that those of you who have registered can complete the Open during the Friday 630pm class all together. It will be fun!

Everyone registered will be divided into four teams. They each will have a captain and need an awesome team name!
The teams will compete with each other scoring points in three ways:
1. Spirit – Teams that bring the vibe get points!
2. Attendance/Participation – Participate and score for you crew!
3. Performance!

Basically, we want these Fridays to be heaps of fun. We don’t want stress or anxiety. Set your own benchmark score for each WOD then cheer for your team like crazy!

If you can’t make Fridays you can still do the open. But only at appropriate times. Thursday 530pm during the Barbell session and Saturday 11am during the Cobra session both work well. If you cant make either, we will sort something out, but let us know in advance 🙂

Depending on what the Open means to you I would think about taking Thursdays off or coming in for a light day and working on a skill in order to be fresher for the Friday. 

The Open is like a Box of chocolates…You never know what you’re gonna get! The WOD’s are announced each Thursday. This gives us one day to prepare each week. Buckle up, push hard and remember, it’s supposed to be FUN!

If you haven’t registered as yet do so here. The first workout starts this Friday! Hurry up! Be sure to also register your affiliate as Charge CrossFit and join Team “Charge CrossFit”.  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Front Squat 5,5,5

US KB Swings 32/24
Box Jumps 24″/20″

Cobra extras:
Find your 2RM Low Hang Snatch
3X3 Snatch 1st Pull (With a 3 count pause at knee) – Make these perfect. Maintain your back angle.

21 Feb 2014


20 mins to find a Snatch 2RM

10 min AMRAP
1 Plate Snatch 20/10
1 OH Lunge
1 Burpee to plate
1 Sit up
Add 1 rep each round.

20 Feb 2014

Movie Life lesson #1. Never fight a Roid’ raging Russian that is way bigger than you…Especially if you are not also “Roiding”. 

CrossFit benchmark
“Fight gone bad”
1 minute on each station for 3 rounds
Wall-ball 9/7
KB SDHP 32/24
Box Jump 20″/Tyre
Push press 35/22.5
1 minute rest

The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of “rotate,” the athlete/s must move to next station immediately. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

Last knocked out on the 28th of Feb 2013

I love this Movie! I used to watch this with my Brother when we were kids. We’d watch it and get all hyped up, then we’d start boxing each other…Then “someone” would run to Mum and/or Dad 🙂 Who’s up to spending a week in the snow this winter and have a CCF Rocky training camp??….Or maybe we could travel somewhere awesome and hot and do a beach version! Yeah!

19 Feb 2014

Sam and his stylish lunges! Straight from the dance floor!

15 mins to find Weighted Pull-up 1RM

5 rounds
200m run
30 DU
10 TTB

18 Feb 2014



16 mins to find a 3 position Squat Clean + Jerk.
(1) High hang. (2) Low hang (just above knee). (3) From floor + 1 Jerk).

4 Cleans 90kg/50kg
6 Cleans 80kg/40kg
15 Dips
8 Cleans 70kg/30kg
20 Push ups
Last seen 13 March 2013

Cobra extras: 50 Strict CTB Pull-ups (10 min cap)

Renee and I spent a good couple of hours one night down a “Youtube black hole” watching all of the hashtag clips crying with laughter! I love this guy!