31 Mar 2014

Pyrros Dimas….The man himself!

Hey guys, just giving you all a quick heads up on the awesome happenings of the Thursday arvo 530pm Barbell class format. Whilst there is a big portion of this class dedicated to working on skill and technique, there will now also be Strength WODS and EMOM type workouts thrown in for some fun variety. They won’t particularly be your standard WOD’s. They will test you in different ways and are really fun. If your aim is to get better at CrossFit in general, try and make these sessions 🙂

12 mins to find a 3RM Hang Power Snatch

3 rounds
10 Hang Power Snatch 45/30
20 Box jumps 24″/20″
Last completed 15 Feb 2013

Cobra extras:
Row 1k
50 Pistols
Row 60 Cal

30 Mar 2014

Ash (me) & Chris H!

The Open was so much fun this year guys! A big thanks needs to go out to everyone who participated. Fun, sweat and…ahhh awesomeness! Our Friendly Partner comp is next. Gonna be fun. Choose partners. Put your names on the board 🙂

Also….The Goal board at the front of the gym has your names on it….but currently not many goals! The open is great at exposing them. You know what they are. Set two goals for yourself. Something fun…and something unfun. Come and ask us about achieving these and we will set a plan in motion 🙂

Also, At 11am today Diana will be giving free massages!

Back Squat 1,1,1

5 Rounds
30 Sec Bar MU or Pull-ups
30 Sec rest
30 Sec V-Sits
30 Sec rest
30 Sec DU
30 Sec rest

Cobra extras:
12 mins to find a heavy 1 Rep Squat Snatch

28 Mar 2014

Josh B!

4,4,4,4 Double Kb Snatch
+ 10,10,10,10 Barbell roll outs

3 rounds
Run 400m
20 KB Snatch 24/16 (10 each side)
12 Box jumps 24″/20″

27 Mar 2014


Elisa (On the left) W/ Lana and Zara!

Both Mo and Elisa take home the Spirit of the Open awards for 14.4. Simply because they KICKED ASS! They both pushed really hard and finished the Clean portion of the WOD just in time and had to dig really deep in order to accomplish this feat of kickassedness!

The intensity and focus at which these guys have been attacking the WOD’s is really great to witness also. Good luck with 14.5 guys!

I’ve been very slack in posting the team scores to the site as they are complicated at times, but here they are now! Either way, it seems first place is all stitched up, but the race for 2, 3rd and 4th is anyone’s at this stage!
1) The Do you Even Lift Bros? 680 points.
2) The Buck Furpees! 735 points.
3) Height Adjusted – 751 points.
4) The Grateful Deadlifts – 760 points.

Good luck everyone!

P.S. Whether you are competing in the Open or not try to come along tonight from 530pm onwards. It is the last Open Friday night and undoubtable the WOD is going to be epic! Come on down and cheer everyone on! We are also trying to organise a place to go for Steaks afterwards, check Facebook for info. GET ON BOARD!!

Hang Power Clean 3,3,3

12 min AMRAP
400m run
10 Hang Power Cleans 60/40
10 Lateral Burpees over bar
300m run
8 Hang Power Cleans 60/40
8 Lateral Burpees over bar
200m run
6 Hang Power Cleans 60/40
6 Lateral Burpees over bar
100m run
4 Hang Power Cleans 60/40
4 Lateral Burpees over bar.
….if you get this far start again 🙂

5:30pm & 6:30pm classes:
14.5 !!!!
What will it be???? The last one!! A heavy Cluster ladder…with Burpees?…That’s the word on the street anyway…but, I think it’s too obvious…Heavy Snatch Ladder with swimming is my bet 😉

26 Mar 2014



Note: New 730pm class starting today!!

15 mins to find your Bench Press 20RM

5 Rounds
12 TTB
12 Wall balls 9/7

25 Mar 2014


Note: New 7am class and 730pm Open gym starting today!!

Perks of being a Charger!!

Perk 1) By coming to our gym you are instantly cooler and generally walk out with a fresh beard or new tattoo… (Hmm when did I get that? Didn’t even feel it!)
Perk 2) You have learnt a bunch of cool/weird exercises that make you awesome…Plus they have rude names!
Perk 3) Squats rule!
Perk 4) All members of CCF get a 10% off a massage from our very own Diana!!!

Diana’s modality is a combination of Bowen and Remedial therapy, depending on what she see’s fit for a particular problem. She recommends 30 minute treatments for our busy bodies (And schedules). However, longer appointments are also available. For more info and to book a session check out her website here.

Plus there is an extra extra awesome perk to being a CCF’er! Next week Diana will be giving free 10 minute massages at 11am on Monday and at 730pm on Thursday!

So, if you need a quick massage make sure you pop in!

Bring long socks and perform 10 or so Rope Climbs whilst you also find a heavy 6 rep OH Axle Bar Lunge, plus don’t forget to also mess around with some heavy Medicine ball cleans! FUN DAY!!!

21 Pull-ups
21m OH lunges 20/10
21 Push ups
14 Pull-ups
14m OH lunges 20/10
14 Push ups
7 Pull-ups
7m OH lunges 20/10
7 Push ups
*Lunges must have extended hips at top
Last seen 4th Sep 2013

Cobra extras: Touch & Go Squat Clean 2,2,2,2,2 + Skill work: 40 HSPU.

24 Mar 2014

Charge v. Turmoil! (I won of course!)

Hold the date!! Because Saturday the 10th of May is going to be an awesomely spectacular day!!!!!!

Along with our friends at CrossFit Turmoil, Charge CrossFit will be hosting the inaugural:

‘CCF v. CFT Partner Throwdown Comp!!’

Date:  Sat 10 May
Start time: 9am.
End time: Approx 3pm.
Location: Charge CrossFit.

Over the course of the day – consisting of 3 WOD’s leading into a Final, this competition will see us crown both the fittest partnership of 2 Males and fittest partnership of 2 Females!

The Specifics:
-Each team will consist of either two guys or two girls.
-WOD’s will be in the same vein of The CrossFit Open, where many people can participate.  It is going to be a really fun day and we want as many of you as possible to sign up!
-Entrants may scale all WOD’s, however the Rx division will be the only scored division.
-The day will include 3 WOD’s plus a Final – made up of only the 5 top teams!

This is going to be a truly fun and inspiring day. We want everyone interested to get involved and take part. If you have any questions make sure you ask us!!

Keep one thing in mind everyone…This is going to be FUN! Yes, the WOD’s will be tough. Yes, we will find the best of us. But, as most of our Open peeps have found, it’s really fun participating and joining in! It doesn’t matter how good you are. Most people remember more the people who tried their hearts out and succeeded in accomplishing something they never dreamed possible! Grab a partner and sign up!!

Put your name on the board to book a spot!

Push Jerk 2RM

4 Rounds
10 DB Thrusters 15’s/10’s
50m Farmers walk 24’s/16’s
50 DUs

Cobra extras: 30 min recovery/skill AMRAP (at a non redline pace): 4 Ring MU, Row 500m, 4 Bar MU, Row 500m.

23 Mar 2014


Note: New 7am class starting today!!

Pre-Order your new CCF Merchandise!
We will be ordering a new batch of CCF Merch at the end of this week and it will be delivered and on your backs within two weeks! Let us know if you want anything!

Two colours: Black & An Asphalt grey.
Hoodies, T-Shirts & Singlets!
Order with Kerry or myself ASAP!

Also…We are looking at getting some Raglan long sleeve T’s and kids stuff made up and printed with the Cobra design. If this interests you order away!! Yaaaaaaay! 😉

Front Squat 1,1,1

5 Rounds
12 Burpees
12 SDHP 40/30

Cobra extras: Touch & Go Power Snatch 2,2,2,2,2 + Skill work: 50 Alternating Pistol Squats

21 Mar 2014

REMINDER: We have some new classes starting next week!!!! GET EXCITED! YEEEEEEAAAAH!
As of next week the 24th of March we will be trialling 5 new classes to the timetable.
7am Monday and Wednesday mornings.
Tuesday & Thursday nights.
Wednesday night Open gym session.
If you guys attend these sessions and they prove to be popular we will then add more! So, if you want 7am and 730pm classes across the board…simply vote with your attendance!!! Yeah!!

Bench Press 5,5,5,5,5 (w/ 3 sec lower and explode up)

US Kb Swings
Lateral Jumps over Kb

20 Mar 2014

Friday Open!

Nihary skipping, Varasso Snatching, Luke judging, Ash hiding & Pat contemplating. 14.1 fun and games!

Morning 6am and 10am classes:
20 Deadlift, 60kg/40kg
10 Box-jumps, 30″/24″
Run 200m
20 Deadlift, 80kg/60kg
10 Box-jumps, 30″/24″
Run 200m
20 Deadlift, 100kg/75kg
10 Box-jumps, 30″/24″
Run 200m
WOD courtesy of Crossfit 42 South.

5:30pm & 6:30pm classes:
14.4 !!!!
After today there is only one week left!!!

We have some new classes starting next week!!!! YEEEEEEAAAAH!
As of next week the 24th of March we will be trialling 5 new classes to the timetable.
7am Monday and Wednesday morningS. 730pm Tuesday & Thursday nights. 730pm Wednesday night Open gym session.
If you guys attend these sessions and they prove to be popular we will then add more! So, if you want 7am and 730pm classes across the board…simply vote with your attendance!!! Yeah!!