30 Jun 2014

Smesh Gear are running a promo as part of our Birthday celebrations which means that the first 10 CCF members will get 50% off a pair of their shorts!!

First in best dressed (Literally)! All you need to do is email: info@smeshgear.com to book the shorts. You will be able to sort out the sizing via email also.

We also have the Smesh Gear Hand grips for sale at our front desk for $20 and you can check out their other products here.

Back Squat 1RM (Set a 1RM then join in with the percentages next week)
Back Squat 1X5@75%, 1X3@85%, 1xMax Effort@95%

TTB to CTB Pull-ups*
Wall Balls x 2
*For a rep to count the two movements cannot be broken.

Engine Club!:
2 Rounds
Run 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m
1 min rest between distances.
Score = Time -7 mins rest.

29 Jun 2014

This Saturday Charge CrossFit is 2 years old!!!

To celebrate we are having our annual in house comp from 9am-3pm and we have also organised an after party at The Fox hotel in Collingwood from 7pm onwards!!

I hope heaps of you can make it! Bring your partners along to The Fox and obviously all friends, family anyone else interested should come check out the action during the day.

The final will be on at approximately 2pm. Plus – Paleo Mum is making muffins again!!!! YAAAAAAAAAYYY! (Muffins are $2 each which means you should bring tonnes of cash, as they are awesome!)

These last 2 years have been so much FUN! All of you awesome people make CCF what it is and we thank-you for it!! Make sure that if you have any time on Saturday you come along at some stage and celebrate with us!

Max Pull-ups x 3
W/ 3 x 1 min plank between sets (Weight plank if you can)

14 min Partner AMRAP
Partner 1: Runs 400m
Partner 2: AMRAP Burpees (To touch)
Then Swap.
Score = Total Burpees, Total distance run.

Cobra extras:
Power Clean 3RM
Deadlift 1X5@75%, 1X3@85%, 1xMax Effort@95%

27 Jun 2014

IMPORTANT NOTE: Next Saturday is our 2nd Annual In house comp. There are no regular classes on this day. If you would like to participate you still have the option, but let us know ASAP. Everyone can be part of this. You can scale the WODs if you need and take it as serious as you like. It is all about giving it 100% and having FUN!

Also if anyone else would like to sponsor our day or help out by judging etc let us know 🙂

The warmup will start at 8am and the day will finish at approx 3pm. Everyone will at least complete 3 WODs and there will also be a final. The final will be on around 2pm. If you aren’t participating make sure you come on down and watch, it is going to be a great day!! 

Push Press 3,3,3,3

12 minute clock
50 Pull-ups
Run 1km
Then AMRAP KB Snatches 24/16 (Must be even amount each side)
Last completed 17 August 2013

26 Jun 2014




Deadlifts 60/40

25 Jun 2014



Bench Press 3,3,3,3
w/ Ring Rows 4 x 10 (Each rep has a 2 sec hold with rings touching chest)
Bench Press 1X3@70%, 1X3@80%, 1xMax Effort@90%
+ Ring rows as above.

4 Rounds
1 min TTB
1 min Hurdle jumps 24″/20″
1 min 100m Sprint (Score = Seconds left in the minute)
1 min rest
Have a total for each round.

24 Jun 2014

Jet Fuel!

Hang Snatch 2,2,2,2

“Jet Fuel”
Hang Power Snatch 60/35
Bar MU
Then: 100 DU

Engine Club!:
10 Rounds
200m Row
Rest 30 Seconds.
Score = Total time minus the 4:30 rest.

23 Jun 2014


Nihary killing Pullups!

Back Squat 3,3,3,3
Back Squat 1X3@70%, 1X3@80%, 1xMax Effort@90%

Wall balls 9/7

Engine Club!:
5 Rounds
Run 400m
Rest 1:1 (i.e. rest as long as it takes you to run each 400m)

Cobra extras:
20 min AMRAP
Max UB Ring MU (Sub Bar MU or CTB Pull-ups)
400m Row

22 Jun 2014


The Dunk!

Weighted Pull-up 2RM

10 Min AMRAP
5 CTB Pull-ups
10 Box Jumps 24″/20″
15 US KB Swings 24/16

Cobra extras:
1)  3 Position Power Clean 1RM (Low hang, 2″ from ground, Ground)
2)  Deadlift 1X3@70%, 1X3@80%, 1xMax Effort@90%
3)  Cobra Challenge #5: 100 Unbroken DU.

20 Jun 2014

Sarah B!

Push Press 5,5,5,5 (Take from the ground)

11 minute clock
Run Helen Street
Then AMRAP Power cleans 60/40 in the remaining time.
Last completed 21 Sep 2013

19 Jun 2014

The Yeti!

Dual OH KB Lunges 5 x 10
w/ 10 Rope Climbs – Bring Long Socks!!

“The Yeti!”
500m Row
40 US KB Swings 24/16
30 Pull-ups
40 US KB Swings
400m Run