31 Aug 2016

It’s time to RECHARGE! Starts next Friday, the 9th September! Sign up now at the front desk!

What is Recharge?

Recharge is a 6 week lifestyle challenge where we dial in on our daily habits including nutrition, training and recovery. Each day is scored and at the end of the challenge we award our best challengers. The objective of the ReCharge is to get you feeling great! This challenge is aimed to create self-awareness and positive changes to your current lifestyle and habits. It will enable you to progress further towards reaching your goals and to stay focused. Prepare for beach season and to kick even more ass than normal at Charge! When you have your exercise, nutrition, sleep (etc) in alignment special things happen! Abs can appear….. Ring Muscle ups can appear…. Double Body Weight Squats become last years fashion and Burpees become…Fun! Well, we can’t promise everything but what we can promise is that you will be better prepared for Summer and feeling better than ever!

To kick off the event we will be holding a Recharge info and pizza night next Friday night at 7pm. We will indulge in pizzas, set some goals with Ash and learn all the ‘why’s’ from Dr Nick G.

Today’s WOD:

Not for time
3 Rounds AHAP
5 Bench Press
100m Sled/Prowler Push

3 Rounds AHAP
3 Bench Press
200m KB Carry


30 Aug 2016

CLAB 2016 – Photo by Rebekah Kamsky

10 Rounds
10 Power Snatches 42.5/30
10 KB or DB Front squats 24’s/16’s


Work on Ice cream makers

29 Aug 2016

Do you cherry pick WODs?

Have you ever improved at something you suck at without practicing it? Highly unlikely.

Everyone has weaknesses. Improving your weaknesses also improves your strengths. If you frequently look up the daily WOD and decide not to come on a particular day because it doesn’t suit your strengths I strongly suggest you stop looking at the News/Workout of the day blog until after you have completed the session. Take away the temptation and turn up ready to for the unknown!

We need to accept our challenges and conquer them! That is how fitness will occur and goals will be reached. This applies to everything in life. Get out there and tackle your weaknesses head on.

Todays WOD is a repeat from the 2014 CrossFit Open. (Stop reading now if you suffer from Cherrypick-itis) 🙂

Find a Heavy 3 Deadlift


CrossFit Open WOD 14.3
8 min AMRAP
10 Deadlifts 61/43
15 Box Jumps or Step ups 24/20″
15 Deadlifts 84/61
15 Box Jumps or Step ups 24/20″
20 Deadlifts 102/70
15 Box Jumps or Step ups 24/20″
25 Deadlifts 125/84
15 Box Jumps or Step ups 24/20″
30 Deadlifts 143/93
15 Box Jumps or Step ups 24/20″
35 Deadlifts 166/102
15 Box Jumps or Step ups 24/20″

28 Aug 2016

CLAB 2016 – Photo by Rebekah Kamsky

Hey Team! This September will be known as #Skilltember. During the coming month we be focusing a bit more on gymnastic skills. These will be practiced during warm ups, before WODs and any chance we get basically. Our aim is excellence in movement. We are very excited and have already noticed some great improvements in everyone’s movements since we have made more time to work on the finer details of our form.

“Cindy & Mary on the Run”
20min AMRAP
4 Rounds of Cindy
400m Run
2 Rounds of Mary
400m Run

26 Aug 2016

4 Rounds AHAP
2 Hang Power Cleans
Rest 1 min
4 Jerks
Rest 1 min
6 Front Squats
Rest 2 min

25 Aug 2016

CLAB 2016 – photo by Rebekah Kamsky 

Bench Press

4, 4, 4, 4, 4


Buy in: 100 Double Unders
5 Rounds
2 Rope Climbs
8 KB SDHP 32/24
Cash out: 100 Double Unders

Rx+ = Legless


24 Aug 2016

Partner WOD Thursday!
In Partners complete the following:
Row 3km together.
While 1 partner Rows, the other holds a barbell at the top of a Deadlift 80/50.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
80 Thrusters 40/30
While 1 partner performs Thrusters, the other holds a Handstand/Straight arm plank.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
80 Pull-ups
While 1 partner performs Pull-ups, the other Hangs on the Pull-up Bar.

23 Aug 2016

CLAB 2016 – photo by Rebekah Kamsky 

3 Rounds
2 min Clock
Run 200m
Then AMRAP Double Unders
Rest 1 min
2 min Clock
Run 200m
Then AMRAP Sit ups
Rest 1 min


Work on weakness!

22 Aug 2016

CLAB 2016 – photo by Rebekah Kamsky 

For Time:
“Squat up!”
50 Wall Balls 9/7
40 Pistol Squats or OH Plate Lunges
30 Squat Snatch or Power Snatch 42.5/30

Pistol Sub: OH Plate Lunges


5 min AMRAP
Unbroken Knees to Elbow Ladder.

21 Aug 2016

CLAB 2016 – photo by Rebekah Kamsky

20min AMRAP
100m Farmers Carry 20’s/12.5’s
10 HSPU or 5 Wall walks
10 Burpee Box Jumps (20”)