30 May 2017

Front Squat 1RM


“Destination – Hurt”
Thruster @ 20kg/15kg
KB Swing @ 24kg/20kg

29 May 2017

Gymnastics bent arm strength program


Sprint Chipper
30 Cal Row
30 Box Jumps @ 24″/20″
30 Burpees

28 May 2017

“Partner Running Grace”
I go, You go…
15-10-5 Clean & Jerk @ 60kg/40kg
400m,300m,200m,100 Run

Partner 1 – 15 Clean & Jerks @ 60kg/42.5kg
Partner 2 – 15 Clean & Jerks @ 60kg/42.5kg
Partner 1 – 10 Clean & Jerks @ 60kg/42.5kg
Partner 2 – 10 Clean & Jerks @ 60kg/42.5kg
Partner 1 – 5 Clean & Jerks @ 60kg/42.5kg
Partner 2 – 5 Clean & Jerks @ 60kg/42.5kg
Partner 1 – Run 400m
Partner 2 – Run 400m
Partner 1 – Run 300m
Partner 2 – Run 300m
Partner 1 – Run 300m
Partner 2 – Run 200m
Partner 1 – Run 100m
Partner 2 – Run 100m

26 May 2017

Round 1
Max 1km Row
Rest 3min
Max Set Front Squats @ 50/35
Rest 3min

Round 2
Max 500m Row
Rest 2min
Max Set Front Squats @ 50/35
Rest 2min

Round 3
Max 250m Row
Rest 1min
Max Set Front Squats @ 50/35

Each round is scored seperatley.
Row time – Front Squat reps (1 rep equals 1 sec)
Last held 30 Sep, 2016

25 May 2017

25 Pull-ups
10 Muscle-ups
1.5-mile Run (3 x Beaver)
10 Muscle-ups
25 Pull-ups
Rx+ = Ring Muscle ups

Pull-ups = Ring Rows
BMU = CTB/Pull-ups or Banded Pull-ups
If reps need to be cut, replace them with Wall Ball shots

24 May 2017

Build to a heavy 10 rep Renegade Row (5 e.s.)


Row 750m
Rest 3min
Row 500m
Rest 2min
Row 250m
Rest 1min
Row 500m
Rest 2min
Row 750m


For time:
400m Single Arm Farmers Carry 32/24

23 May 2017

Hip, Knee and ankle prep


Front Squats 2-2-2-2-2


To celebrate Phil’s 70th and Maree’s 60th birthdays we have a special WOD!

“Test of the ages”
1 Burpee + 1 Wall ball
The reps: 100-Your age.
Ie: if you are 70 years old you would complete 30 reps of 1 Burpee + 1 Wall ball. If you are 19 you would complete 81 reps. Who will be fastest?
0-49 years old = 9/7
50-69 years old = 7/4
70+ = Basketball

22 May 2017

Skills and drills


Power Clean
5 – 3 – 1


Perform every 2 mins for 10 Rounds
5 Strict Handstand Pushups/A-Frame/Db Strict Press
9 V-Sits/Tuck Sits/Sit ups
10 Jumping Lunges

21 May 2017

80’s day was AWESOME! Next we have CLAB!!!

Each year since the birth of Charge CrossFit in 2012 we have celebrated our birthday and #thechargeway with CLAB. The Charge Like A Bull in-house Competition!

It is now that time of year – CLAB is here! On Saturday June 17th (In four weeks!). Charge will have turned 5 years old!

CLAB is a day where the empowering Charge spirit is thick in the air! Energy is bouncing off the walls and floor mats. You will witness utterly inspiring efforts by yourself and fellow Chargers. True connection and camaraderie is rife and the sounds of high 5’s and butt slaps will erupt throughout the box.

Just being a part of this day is an achievement in itself. It is a day like no other at CCF. You will complete 3-4 well designed and tested WODs in a seriously motivating and exciting environment. Commit to yourself and CLAB 2017 now!

The word competition is sure to turn some of you off – but honestly, the day is a celebration of YOU. Everyone can participate. This comp is open to all CCF members of all skill levels.

We accommodate injuries and can change things up just like a normal training day at Charge, for anyone who needs that we will organize it beforehand. If you are not sure if this is for you, ask us – we will let you know. The day and use of the word “competition” is only as serious as you want it to be.

Registration is now open – Book your spot ASAP on the sign up sheet at the front desk or via a Charge Coach. If you purchase your spot within the next two weeks you will receive a free CLAB shirt on the day. (All orders for the shirts need to be finalized two weeks before the day).

CLAB 2017
Date: Saturday 17th June 2017.
Time: 8am-3pm (possibly 4pm with presentations). We will be more exact on the finishing time closer to the date and once we have numbers.
What it entails: 3 well programmed WOD’s for all and a final for the top 8-10 peeps of each divisions.
Cost: $35 (Entry includes an awesome day and a special CCF commemorative CLAB 2017 T-shirt if booked in 2 weeks before date).


Scaled: This category is for everyone. It is especially suitable for someone newer to CrossFit.
If you don’t yet have the ability to perform bodyweight Pull-ups, Toes to bar, Double Unders and lighter weights are more in your scope then this category is for you!

Rx: This category requires a few more skills. At minimum you need the ability to perform Pull-ups, Toes to bar and Double Unders. A Clean & Jerk of at least 60/35 is also advisable.
The ability to lift heavier weights and perform higher skilled movements (Bar MU, HSPU) will be an advantage, but not imperative.

If you have anything that you feel is stopping you from being able to participate (even injuries) please come and talk to us. We want everyone to be involved and get the benefits of this special day and we can make all necessary adaptations to the workouts to make that so.

Venue TBC: 7pm onwards. It is always a great night and one of the best ways to hang out and meet all of the other Chargers. We will be eating, drinking and having fun! Let us know if you will be attending as we will be booking tables.

Family and friends are also welcomed and encouraged to come along and spectate. Share the love!

CLAB happens only once per year. I would love for you all to be part of this!

Start registering!

See you in the Gym,

Ash and Team

P.S Important note: As per each year no normal classes will be held on this day. Only CLAB.

Today’s programming: 

Gymnastics bent arm strength program


8 min AMRAP
21 Double Unders
8 DB Snatch 20/12.5
Note: Alternating arms each rep.


19 May 2017

80’s WODFEST BBQ day is TODAY! Dress up in some 80’s inspired attire!
We are running 2 classes only: 8am and 9am. Book yourself in ASAP – we are organizing the food. Classes are capped for the Team WODs. First in best dressed (Maybe literally)! Sweat as a team, then hang out and mingle with our awesome community. #thechargeway

In Teams of 4: 
WOD 1:
20 mins to establish a team 1RM Bench Press
-One bar permitted between the team.
Score = Total of KG.

WOD 2: 
7 min AMRAP
Burpee box jump over indian file.
1 rep per person at a time.
Sub: Step over.

WOD 3: 
The Sandy Beaver
Carry a Sandbag as a team around the block AFAP
Each team member must carry the bag for at least 100m.
If it touches the ground 10 synchro burpees on the spot.