30 Jun 2017

Thanks CLAB prize sponsor Custom Design Nails!

Custom Design Nails will get your toes looking good for weekly barefoot barbell sessions! Non toxic, no chipping and lasts for weeks! If you want to know more, click the link above!

Today’s programming:

Hang Power Clean: 3-3-3


CrossFit Mainsite Workout
3 Rounds for time:
15 Hang Power Cleans @ 60kg/40kg
15 Burpees

29 Jun 2017


Run 1 Mile
100 Pull-Ups
200 Push-Ups
300 Squats
Run 1 Mile


“Mini Murph ”
Run 1 mile
60 Pull-Ups
120 Push-Ups
180 Squats
Run 1 mile

28 Jun 2017

Photo: RX Females – 1st place Alice Hogan, 2nd Casey Morgan, 3rd Alexandra Darlington

Thanks to CLAB 2017 prize sponsor Remedy Kombucha for fueling our CLAB winners with a case each of your delicious Kombucha!

Love ya guts!

Today’s programming:

Straight Arm strength


30 Cal Row
50 Sit ups
30 Double Clap Burpees (DCB)

27 Jun 2017

Thanks to CLAB 2017 prize sponsor Thr1ve for providing some fresh Thr1ve @ home meals to some of our place winners.

Thr1ve provides the most fresh and healthy ready made meals delivered to your front door! Check them out here.
Today’s programming:

Part A)
Bench Press: 5-5-5
DB Barbell Bent over Row:5-5-5

Part B)
Sandbag Cleans
3 sets of 5-10 reps with challenging weight
5/5/5 Shoulder extension Forward folds

Part C)
3 Rounds for quality
1 Minute Hollow Hold
1 Minute Plank

26 Jun 2017

Thanks to CLAB 2017’s prize sponsor Again Faster Australia for supporting the Charge community and our big day on Saturday!

These guys provide high quality fitness equipment to many gyms Australia-wide as well as investing in Australia’s CrossFit athletes, supporting and encouraging them to be the best they can be.


Thanks to Adam Lesniak of Again Faster for the fantastic photos!

Today’s programming:

Back Squat: 3-3-3-3
w. 3 second pause at the bottom of each rep

4 Rounds
15 US KB Swings @ 24/16kg
15 Toes to Bar
15 Wall Balls @ 9kg/6kg

25 Jun 2017

And another CLAB 2017 prize sponsor shout out this time to 2XU Australia.

Thanks for supporting the Charge community with prizes and putting our facility in the spotlight in your latest campaign!

Recognise the outdoor gym in this picture? 🙂

Today’s Programming:

Push/Pull gymnastics – Bent Arm strength


9 minute AMRAP
12 Russian Twists @ 20kg/15kg
12 Overhead Lunge @ 20/15kg Plate
24 Double Unders


23 Jun 2017

Today we honor one of CLAB 2017’s prize sponsors Brazil Activ

Brazil Activ, founded and run by Sophia Todas and husband Coach Alan, offer stylish and high performance activewear to the Australian market. They import only the best of Brazilian and Colombian Designer brands.
In particular their tights:

a) Pass the squat test
b) Are designed and made with High Performance fabrics
c) Are extremely comfortable (just ask Renee and Maree!)
d) Look awesome!
e) Looked awesome on Coach Alan at the 2015 80′ s WODFest haha 🙂

If you would like to know more or purchase some of Brazil Activ’s products click on their website above.

Todays programming:

Skills and drills


Hero WOD
“Taylor ”
4 Rounds for time
Run 400m
5 Burpee Muscle Ups
Rx+ = Ring MU, Rx = Bar MU
Scaled = Body blasters

22 Jun 2017

Today we shout out to another of CLAB 2017’s major sponsors!


Balance are an Independent Creative Agency located in North Fitzroy. Charger of 3 years now, Dave G, is Creative Director / Partner of Balance.

You can see their awesome creative work around the gym – more recently the new signage over the front desk and wall ball wall, plus the CLAB event poster and t-shirt!

Balance have also been building brands for Country Racing Vic, BIG4 Holiday Parks, Melbourne Airport, Britz, Maui & Mighty Campervans, Teds Cameras and DAF trucks to name a few.

Check out their website wearebalance.com.au

Todays programming:
Straight Arm Strength cycle


Fight Gone OK (20 mins)
5 Rounds
1 Minute Rowing
1 Minute KB Snatch (Alternate every 5)
1 Minute Plank Hold

21 Jun 2017

A big shout out goes to one of CLAB’s major sponsors – Martin & Coupe Chiropractic.

Business owners, Chiropractors and Chargers, Rich, Sam and Ben have been supporting Charge and have been a part of the community for years now. Rich will in fact reach legendary status (5 years of training with us) in a few months!

Thanks Martin & Coupe Chiropractic for your contribution to the community and CLAB!

Martin & Coupe are masters in their field and their approach aligns with our core beliefs. #balance #movethewayyourbodyismadetomove #posture #rehabnotrest

Find out more about Martin & Coupe Chiropractic here.

Today’s programming:
“Team Linda” (Team of 3)
Power Clean @ 50kg/35kg
Bench Press @ 70kg/50kg
Deadlift @ 100kg/70kg

20 Jun 2017

Skills n Drills


Back Squat: 5RM – 3 sec pause in the bottom of each rep.

3-4 Rounds for quality: Trunk and legs