18 Feb 2015

4 Rounds of Awesome!


 The Above Pic is Tommi praying to the “recovery” Gods after the awesome GLOC WOD!

Bench Press 5 x 2 (Same weight across)

4 Rounds
20 Push-ups
15 CTB Pull-ups
10 KB Snatch 32/24 (5 e.s)

Engine Club:
3 rounds
Tabata Calorie Row
8 x 20 on/10 off
1 min rest between rounds
Have 3 scores – lowest amount of Cal for each round.

NEW TIMETABLE STARTS SOON!: Our new timetable with 5 extra classes starts on Monday the 23rd of Feb!
THE CROSSFIT OPEN: The CrossFit Open starts on Friday the 26th of Feb! Register here: games.crossfit.com
WODFEST BBQ DAY: 9am Sat 28th of Feb. (Sign up on Mindbody)