29 Sep 2015

Barbell Moves

Wednesday September 29, 2015

Starting next Thursday (Oct 8th) we are moving the Barbell session to Thursdays at 6pm!

The Olympic lifts are a major part of CrossFit and they are so much fun! Among many other attributes and skills they require technique and practice. This is what you will gain from this session! Get good at these lifts and you will see huge improvements in your performance in your everyday life! ie: Lifting groceries will be like lifting nothing!

Barbell & Mobility go together like Steak & Chips (Sweet potato of course). It would be a good idea if time permitted to complete two sessions (The Dirty Double) on a Thursday: 6pm Barbell + 7pm Mobility would be the perfect option! Or a Morning session plus either Barbell or Mobility.

So, Thursday arvos will look like this from October 8th onward:
5pm CrossFit
6pm Barbell
7pm Mobility

We are excited!!!

Max 3 Position Snatch w/ 3 sec pause in hang.

4 rounds
30 DU
20 V sits
15 Burpees

Important info:
-This Friday due to the Public Holiday we are closed.
-But! This Saturday we are open as per normal Saturday Timetable. It is also AFL Grand Final Day! Come along to Charge in your footy shorts and AFL team colours! Wear them with pride! There will be an awesome team WOD as a reward 🙂