22 Apr 2015

Benny L Master of the Universe!

Benny L!

Secretly he made the awesome trophies so he could take one home himself! HAHA! (He would never do that, by the way)

These guys did so awesome! Check it out below!

1st: Benny L took out the Male Masters CCF title! As well as winning within our gym he placed 199th in the Aus/NZ region and finished 26th in VIC!!!!!!!!

2nd: Duncan placed 257th in the region and within VIC he finished 39th!

3rd: Rich placed 330th in the region and within VIC he finished 47th!

Great work guys!!

Db Incline Bench Press 3 x 12
12 Ground to standing rope climbs
Dragon Flags 3 x 5

Partner WOD
4 Rounds
400m run
One partner runs. The other rests.
3 scores:
1) Fastest split for partner A.
2) Fastest split for partner B.
3) Total time

Finisher: 50 Partner Med Ball Sit ups (50 each)

Remember to join up for the 8 week Whole Life Challenge! It starts Saturday the 2nd of May. Join the Charge CrossFit team here!

This Saturday is the ANZAC day Public Holiday. We are only open for one class. 9am. Come in and complete our annual “Digger” Partner WOD. Lest we forget.