13 Apr 2015

BS Tuesday week 2

Hey guys! I mentioned late last week that on the 2nd of May we are going to start an 8 week challenge! It’s called the Whole life challenge. You will start by firstly completing a special WOD, getting some measurements taken, taking a photo of yourself (for your own awesome records) and then over the 8 weeks you will stick to the rules and then re-test everything and smash it all to pieces! You will log how cleanly you eat, how much you sleep, work out 3-5 times per week, stretch 10 mins a day, drink a daily amount of water and not swear, grow a beard generally kick ass at being a fit and capable Human Being!

This is similar to the Open, where you will need to sign up on the web. It costs $39 if you sign up before the end of the 15th of April, so don’t waste any time DO IT! Our in house games day starts the weekend after this 8 weeks – what a great way to get prepared and be the best you can be!

In 8 weeks you can accomplish a lot. We are so excited to be doing this! I want you all to join our team and kick even more ass than normal!

Who is up for the Challenge??Join the Charge CrossFit team here

….Week two of the Back Squat program starts today! Enjoy!

Add 2.5kg to your Back Squat weight from last week.
Back Squat 3 x 5
Overhead Squat 2 x 5 at 50% of BS.
If this is your first week of Back Squats, you will find your initial 3 x 5. Start around 60-70% of your 1RM.

5 Rounds
30 Sec Russian KB Swings
30 Sec rest
30 Sec Push ups
30 Sec rest
30 sec Barbell Roll Outs
30 Sec rest

Engine Club:
12 min AMRAP
1 Cal Row
1 burpee over rower.
Add a rep to each movement every round.

Cobra Extras:
Find a 3RM Split Jerk
Then using 80% of your 3RM complete:
EMOM 10 mins: 3 Split Jerks
You are not allowed to miss more than twice finding your 3RM. You are not allowed to miss at all or drop the bar during the EMOM.
Practice your footwork. Form over weight.