23 Sep 2015

Catch up day!!

Luke doesn’t sleep. He Mobilizes… Remember Mobility class 7pm tonight!

Thursday September 24, 2015

This week is also testing week. The next cycle starts next week!! If you missed something, today is the day to catch up!

Sat: Max Strict Pull-ups retest
Mon: 5RM Box Squat
Tues: The Beach Total
Wed: Eva

You could also spend 20 mins working on a skill. The Coaches will have some options available 🙂

Then do this weeks Engine Club programming:
Grab a partner
3 Rounds
Partner 1 Rows 500m
Partner 2 Rows 500m
P1: Row 300m
P2: Row 300m
P1: Row 100m
P2: Row 100m

Remember! This Saturday at 9am is our Strongman WODfest BBQ day! Be there! Book yourself in so we can arrange the food! Plus whilst you eat our very own Dr Nick Gentile will be enthralling us with another “Nick Talk”. Note: On WODfest days there is only one class on at 9am 🙂