05 May 2016

Friday 6 May, 2016

Why we squat:
“There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that provides the level of central nerve activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, psychological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning than the correctly performed full squat.”  –  Mark Rippetoe
“To survive the coming apocalypse” – Ben Lalor

Hatch Squat Week 2 / Day 2


Front Squat 9-9-9-9

Weighted Dips 7-7-7-7


complete 5×5 Ring Dip Holds with a 3sec pause at the top and bottom, then 3×20 Banded Rows.

“Sled Dogz”
In 12 mins as a team move as much weight as possible.
Must use same team order.
One person works at a time.
The team can change the weight plates over.
10m Forwards, 10m backwards

Important note:
CCF has new threads (If you read this blog you would know this!) Secure your size today! Click here.

20 Apr 2016

I love this photo of Cross from 2015 CLAB…having fun with Kettlebells!

CCF – 12 week training cycle template starting Tuesday 26 April 2016

Training Cycle Dates: Tuesday 26 April 2016 – Saturday 23 July 2016 (The CLAB!)

Cycle Goals:

-Train for the Charge Open! (These Wednesday WODs starting at the end of May will give you a reason to push your boundaries, keep attendance up and for you all to go for it! (Plus have fun!).
-Train for the CLAB (This cycle ends in our in house comp held on Sat July 23 (Save the date!).
-Building overall strength & squatting twice per week.
-Core strength: Core warm ups and cash outs with be featured regularly.
-Cycle through the OLY lifts each week.
-Work on Gymnastic skills. Each week you will see a skill paired with the Squat.
-Ring MU and Pull-ups! (Via the Road to a MU program plus Strict Pressing and Pulling strength)
-Strict Pressing & Pulling strength: Strict Pull-ups, Strict Ring Dips, Bench Press & Bent over Row. We want to build strength and increase stability in the shoulder. Let’s get everyone stronger at these movements and work towards getting our first Pull-up or Muscle-up (or more of them!)
-Weekly Member spotlights will continue to be rotated around but generally fall on a Tues or Wed.
-Longer WOD’s will occur more often, in teams and individual.

-We will be Squatting twice per week either utilising the Hatch Squat Program or Focussing on Back Squats and Front Squats separately. The Squat Program will be fixed on a Monday & Friday. (If there is a Monday Public Holiday, squats will be held on a Tuesday).
Each day the Squats will be paired with either Pull-ups or Ring Dips.
Other elements you will see rotate throughout the week:
-Bench + Bent over Row
-Clean & Jerk & variations of this lift
-Snatch & variations of this lift
-There will be less of a focus on deadlifting each week, but they will appear in WOD’s.
-The Road to a Muscle up! (See below)
Performance and Fitness?
You will no longer see the categories Performance or Fitness. There will be options instead. Generally one of the options will involve more skill and be more suitable for someone with more experience. The second option will be perfectly suited for a beginner or someone with less training experience.

The Hatch Squat cycle:
The Hatch Squat program is quite taxing. On average you will be required to complete 8 sets not including warm ups. You will need to be on your game in order to finish it within the allotted time. We will also have a gymnastics movement paired with the squats each week. If you are doing Hatch, then squats are your priority, you may not have the time to do both the squats and the pull-ups/dips. Complete them or before after class if able, always check with coaches if before you do this.

The Hatch option is more complicated and involves percentages, if this isn’t your thing or you are a Beginner, option B will be your option! It will certainly still make you stronger and you will be able to fit the skills in each session as well.

Note: If you are doing the Hatch Squat percentages you must come in prepared! Either go to this Website and use this spreadsheet or buy this App to use on your phone. We won’t have time for Math during class! Just Squatting (And Pull-ups!).

Road To The Muscle Up

There are several factors that come in to play with the CrossFit Muscle Up. The strength that is required, the knowledge and application of the different pieces of skill to make it happen i.e. a hollow body, superman, how to move through the two etc., perfect practice, timing and I’m sure several more that I’m neglecting to mention. Some basic strength/skill guidelines that seem to coincide for most people getting their muscles up are:

– ¼ to a 1/3 of your bodyweight strict pull up

– Strict CTB

– Push up from your toes

– A sound hollow body and superman which can be transferred into hollow rocks like a gymnast 😉

Our next 12 week cycle will address the necessary strength exercises to help us on the way to our Muscle Ups. We will be breaking down the skill into several sections repeating each step a couple of times before moving on to the next piece, as to build a concrete understanding. Virtuosity is what we are trying to achieve with all our movements. So in saying that if we already have a muscle up, practising and perfecting the pieces will help us with our journey towards Virtuosity with our Muscle Up. And yes, all of this will help build up your Pull-ups also!

*GPP stands for General Physical Preparedness. In short we want you guys to be ready for the unknown and unknowable. Whether it is helping an old lady to carry her shopping across the road, to be fit for home/play/beach/work or the possible upcoming zombie apocalypse, we have your back. Plus, we want you to have fun! Read this post for a little more info: “WE WANT FITNESS! But what is Fitness?” https://www.chargecrossfit.com.au/?p=4976


Thursday 21 April, 2016


Kettlebell & core fun!

Not for time:
20 front back dbl KB lunge (10 front/back e.s all one side then switch)
30 sec L-Sit
40 Strict Leg raises
50 renegade rows (25 e.s)
60 sec Plank
70 sgl arm tall kneeling press (35 e.s)
80 sgl arm sng leg bench press (40 e.s)
90 sec HS hold (freestanding/wall/floor)

19 Apr 2016

Brod during 16.4! (Photo by Ana)

Wednesday 20 April, 2016

If you regularly check this blog you would have noticed that we explain the whats and why’s as much as possible in regards to our programming. We want you all to be prepared and informed. Each Monday you have a weekly overview which lets you know what to expect for the week, but doesn’t give away everything. Too much info can sometimes lead to a terrible affliction commonly referred to as “Cherry picking”.  Or otherwise known as PATTTDTBWOTWWCLTDSMEM! (People avoiding the things they dislike and thus not working on their weaknesses which can lead to disliking said movement even more!). Prior to each cycle starting you will also find a blog post outlining and explaining the entire program coming up. You will find that info tomorrow!

Our programming is well thought out and as a majority it is planned and completed weeks in advance with minor tweaks added when needed. We use tried and tested strength cycles from other sources or develop our own programs based on successful Strength and Conditioning principles. The percentage program that you are concluding this week was from CrossFit South Brooklyn (A great CF in the US that Renee and I visited during our trip last year and loved their “Charge”- like values and vibe). The Linear program utilized for our “Fitness” level is a program that has been utilized by many Strength and Conditioning coaches for years.

The percentage program you will be following in the next cycle (Which starts next week!) is the Hatch Squat cycle (If you are planning on following the percentage program buy this app it will be worth the Math alone!). This program was developed by Olympic Coach Gayle Hatch. It’s aim is to help increase an athletes Squat with a direct carry over to their Olympic lifts. I personally have completed this program twice in the past and gotten really great results each time. Get excited! (More info on this program will follow tomorrow!).

Lastly, our programming as a whole is created via a team effort. Mainly between myself, Tommi and Luke with invaluable input also coming form Josh V and Renee. Our aim is to make you all fitter and make the program as fun as possible!

The next cycle starts next week! Get on it!

Both Fitness & Performance:
Hang Clean & Jerk 1RM

Exposure 8/8

3 Rounds
6 Russian KB Swings 32/24
3 Rounds
12 Russian KB Swings 32/24
12 TTB
3 Rounds
18 Russian KB Swings 32/24
18 TTB
3 Rounds
24 Russian KB Swings 32/24
24 TTB
Then continue to add 6 reps per round

29 Feb 2016

Have you written your goal up as yet on the CCF Goal Board?

Shout it to the world and accomplish it!

Rules: Make it achievable. IE: If you ultimately want a Muscle up, but still don’t as yet have a body weight Pull-up, the Pull-up needs to be your first objective.
Embrace and celebrate the process. Don’t miss out on all the points in between.

Make sure you talk to us (Coaches) about what you are hoping to achieve we can help you get on your way!

Go Team!

Tuesday 1 March, 2016

Front Squat
3 x 3
Add 2.5-5kg to last week’s exposure.

1@92.5, 10@72.5

Exposure 2/8

5 Rounds
30 DU
10 CTB Pull-ups or Pull-ups

5 Rounds
30 DU
6 Bar MU

Engine Club: (Engine Club is extra conditioning for anyone wanting to increase their aerobic capacity. It can be completed before or after classes.)
Cal Row
Rest 1:1

28 Feb 2016

Nick B!

Monday 29 February, 2016
What does “rep” actually stand for?
What does each “rep” you complete mean to you?

Is it simply a repetition, an amount of an exercise, or is it a representation of you? (Getting deep I know!)

With every movement and every single time we complete a movement we have an opportunity to strive for more.

Do you aim for aim perfection, or do you cut corners? Near enough isn’t good enough.

Quality of movement, means your joints will like you, perhaps you might not have quite as sore muscles and you reduce your chance of injury.

Check your ego at the door, we aren’t asking you to be perfect but to strive for perfection, every time you step into the gym.

We all know that a Squat isn’t simply getting your hips below your knees. We strive (Amongst other things) to keep our mid-line engaged, upper back proud, knees tracking whilst also getting the crease of our hips below our knees*. We may not always achieve this, but does that mean we still shouldn’t at least try?

Be mindful of your movements. Aim high. Is “good enough”, actually good enough?

Keep striving! Keep climbing!

But most importantly keep up the good work Modern Warriors (Chargers!)

*Don’t even begin to try controlling what facial expressions you are doing whilst trying to achieve this!

An overview of this week:
Today we have Cleans & Deadlifts
Tues = Front Squats!
Wed = Bench Press & Steph Spillers WOD!
Thurs =Back Squats
Fri = Snatch + variations
Sat =OPEN WOD 16.2!!

12 mins to find a heavy complex
1 Low Hang Power Clean + 1 Front Squat

12 mins to find a heavy complex
1 High Hang Clean + 1 Low Hang Clean


Deadlift 1 x 5 linear progression
Add 2.5-5kg to last week’s exposure.

Exposure 2/8

Deadlifts 125/85
LOB Burpees

21 Feb 2016

Coaches tips for the open!

Hand care: Have you ever looked in the Tips & Advice section of our blog? I have a previous blog post outlining this, check it out. Look after your hands, keep them “Handsome” and avoid them ripping! (We sell the best hand care-pumice-type-stone on the market, as believed by at least Ash and Tom)

Rest days: Don’t overdo it during the week. Depending on your overall goals in completing the open you will be fine to train as per normal. Are you trying to qualify for the CrossFit games or simply test yourself (And beat some of your friends where able)? If you feel tired on the Thurs/Friday before the open come in and mobilize or perform some light movements instead of a WOD.

Work on what you are scared of (appearing in a WOD, Ie: Your weaknesses): Although, the Open starts very soon, there still could be time to improve on certain aspects. Talk to us, we can help organize a plan for you.

Take notes: Do this directly after completing the WOD. How did you go? Could you do it better? Write down how you broke the reps up. Is there a particular aspect you can improve upon? When the WOD comes up again you will now have a plan on how to beat it!

Remember! It is meant to be fun! Embrace the nervousness that you experience in the lead up. This is an important factor in life. Once the beeper beeps. Do it! Act! Fight or flight! It is nature! This is simply a marker in your journey.

Go Chargers (Modern Warriors!)

Monday 22 February, 2016

An overview of this week:
Today we have Front Squats!
Tues = Bench Press
Wed = Back Squats + Luke Seacombes WOD!
Thurs = Snatch + variations
Fri = Gymnastic skill
Sat =OPEN WOD 16.1!!!

Front Squat
3 x 3

1@90%, 10@70%

Exposure 1/8

5 min AMRAP
10 Pistol Squats (Fitness: Goblet lunges)
10 Push Ups

Rest 1 Minute

5 min AMRAP
5 Strict HSPU (Fitness: Db Strict press)
10 Box Jumps 24/20

09 Feb 2016

Ben L! Certainly a modern Warrior! He can run AND lift weights! 🙂

As discussed on Monday, our programming is designed to increase your GPP (general physical preparedness). I.e.: Your overall fitness!

But… What is fitness?

Firstly let’s start by defining what the 10 components of fitness are:
1. Cardiovascular / respiratory endurance– The ability of the body”s systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen.
2. Stamina– The ability of the body’s systems to process, deliver, store, and utilize energy.
3. Strength– The ability of a neuromuscular unit, or combination of neuromuscular units, to apply force and produce power.
4. Flexibility– The ability to maximize the range of motion around a given joint.
5. Power– The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time (with speed).
6. Speed– The ability to perform a skill as quickly as possible
7. Coordination– The ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement.
8. Agility– The ability to combine power, strength, balance, mobility, coordination, and muscular control.
9. Balance– The ability to control the placement of the body’s center of mass in relation to its base of support.
10. Accuracy– The ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.

We are aiming to be the jack of all trades with regards to these 10 components. It could be said that the fittest person is the one with the best average of these recognized general physical skills.

We work on these skills every day. You are constantly challenged and training for these challenges makes them easier when they come up in the real world.

But, at Charge we have added a few extra components.
11. Rage (against the Machine)  – The ability to work out to killer WOD Music.
12. Beard – The ability to let facial nature take its course and become more Viking-like and “awesomer” (I have now added this word to my computers dictionary). Often accompanied with awesome tatts and the occasional hipster man bun. (Women are excused as they need no further help to be awesome)
13. Awesomeness – The ability to be extremely impressive and inspiring awe. (In all seriousness we witness this every day – Keep it up guys!)

In short I will leave you with my personal favourite “definition”: Fitness (noun) the ability to out lift a marathon runner and out run a power lifter!

Keep it up Modern Warriors! Today your fitness is being tested!

Wednesday 10 February, 2016

“The Modern warrior test”
Part A:
Farmers walk -Find a heavy 15m

Part B:
100 Squats
400m Sandbag run 20/10
10 Rope climbs w/ 5 burpees before each climb

Hint: All modern warriors should wear long socks for rope climbs.

Note: The next WODfest BBQ day is this Sat at 9am! Get your ass there! (There is no 8am class on this day).
Please put your name on the board if you are going to attend. The Food will cost $10. YEAH!

05 Feb 2016

Saturday 6 February, 2016

Why is WODfest BBQ day important?

Because it is a celebration of you!
We only have one class at 9am on these special Saturday’s because we want everyone to be together.
It always includes team/partner and fun stuff (everything is fun though isn’t it!? 🙂 .
We sweat. Then we eat. If you haven’t been part of one of these awesome Saturday’s book in the next one……You won’t regret it!
Bring $10 cash for the food and put your name on the board!

12 mins to find Hang Clean 3RM

22 Deadlifts 140/80
16 STOH 60/40
10 Burpee Bar MU
last held 30 Jan 2015
10 min cut-off

08 Jan 2016

Dora at XMASfest!

Saturday 9 January, 2016

Note: WODfest BBQ day is next Saturday at 9am! (There is no 8am class on this day).
Please put your name on the board if you are going to attend. The Food will cost $10. YEAH!

What is WODfest? Well, I’m glad you asked! To put it simply – WODfest is when we celebrate the awesome community of Charge CrossFIt!
It is held monthly on a Saturday. It generally consists of Team WOD’s and is always fun!
The day goes a bit longer than your average session. We sweat at 9am. We eat at 10:15ish. Be part of it!
P.S. It is not a competition day or any “scarier” than normal. Friends and family are welcome at the BBQ, put their name on the board so we can arrange enough food!

Strict Press
7×3 @ 75%

Deadlifts 125/85
Strict HSPU

11 Oct 2015

Monday 12 October 2015

I am pleased to announce that we are running an in house 6 week challenge! And it starts REALLY SOON!

The Re-Charge 6 week challenge!

This will be similar to the last 8 week challenge many of you participated in during Winter –  Although it has a few changes specific to our needs and goals. And, it will be run completely in house. 🙂

For the 6 weeks before XMAS  you will focus on your exercise, eating & sleeping habits and prepare for beach season and to kick even more ass than normal at Charge!

When you have these daily habits in alignment special things happen! Abs can appear….. Ring Muscle ups transcend from the ether…. Double Body Weight Squats become last years fashion and Burpees become…Fun! Well, we can’t promise everything but what we can promise is that you will be better prepared for Summer and feeling better than ever!

Clean up your act for 6 weeks!

The Challenge will include a WOD which will be re-tested at the completion of the 6 weeks, body measurements, goal setting workshop, nutritional info and an online forum for us to all complain about stuff help each other out with tips and tricks!

It starts Saturday 31st of October.
Cost: $20
Join up today at the gym!

Box squats 5×10 @60% *


Box Squats 3 x 10

NOTE: Why are there two choices? If you don’t know your 1RM Box Squat you will start the program using the non percentage based method.

*Percentages are taken from a working 1RM which will be 90% of your 1RM.
Ie: If your Box Squat 1RM = 100kg. 90% is 90kg. 60% of 90kg = 54kg. Today you will do 5 x 10 @ 54kg.

Be prepared and do the math before class .

50 US KB Swings 24/16
Rest 1 min
30 TTB
Rest 1 min
20 Burpees
Rest 1 min
Beaver run
Score= complete time including rest.

In particular make note of how many USKBS & TTB you were able to complete Unbroken. 50 USKBS Unbroken & 15/10 TTB UB is the Cobra Squad minimum standard. Plus try to complete the 20 Burpees in under a minute. If you can then run the Beaver in under 3:30/3:50…Well you are freaking awesome at running!