14 Apr 2015

CCF Weekly Member Spotlight – Nicola!

Nicola was dodging my photo attempts for weeks…But I finally got her!

Nicola is a super friendly and welcoming person! She is always direct and funny and is getting super strong as well! She attends class on most days and barely misses a session. We have seen some awesome improvements during her time as a Charger. Amongst all of the new skills she has acquired she owns a 55kg Bench Press, 90kg Back Squat & a 113.5kg Deadlift. Nicola also signed up for the Open this year – set some benchmarks for herself and she will undoubtedly smash them in a years time! I can’t wait to see!

Great work Nicola! Enjoy your WOD!

P.S. I love Nicola’s advice for someone thinking about starting CrossFit! 🙂

Charge CrossFit Member Spotlight!

They call me… Nicola or Nikki, call me anything but Nicole or Ni-cola.

By day I am…a personal banker for Bank of Melbourne Northcote, come see me for all of your banking needs! HAHA.

How long have you been a Charger? Around 6 months I think, started in Sept last year!!

Tell us about your first Charge CrossFit experience: I cant remember my first major experience, I just remember sh***ing myself and thinking “oh god, I am so going to embarrass myself here”!! However even though I’m sure I was completely c**p at pretty much everything I don’t ever remember feeling like it haha!!! I think Tommi said I had pretty good cleans for a newbie at my first class, so I’m going to say that was my first CrossFit “experience” well the one I remember\want to remember.

Advice for people thinking about starting CrossFit: Advice…I’m too new to give any advice apart from JUST DO IT, you won’t regret it, and if you do, then there is something wrong with you! It’s fun, its social, and it makes you fit and healthy, why wouldn’t you want to do it???

Favourite movement? Definitely a Deadlift or a Power clean…They make me feel super strong and super awesome!

Least favourite movement? Definitely burpees, double unders, and probably wall balls at the moment, too much popping up for my liking!

Favourite WOD? I tried finding the name for it, I couldn’t! It involved lots and lots of lifting, so basically anything with lifting and absolutely NO RUNNING!!!!

Least favourite WOD? Everything that has multiple burpees and any form of running!!

What would your perfect WOD look like? Deadlifts, Power cleans, Deadlifts, Power cleans, and maybe a novelty skip, SINGLE SKIPS I mean, none of this double under business!!

Favourite wholesome/Paleo meal? Brodo, the most delicious chicken soup ever!!! Its just boiled chicken carcasses and vegetables, sounds appealing…doesn’t it?

Favourite movie/tv show? I don’t think I could legitimately admit to it, so ill go with Vikings or Suits at the moment for TV and Ace Ventura for a classic movie!

Tell us something we may not know about you: I love fishing, my best catch was 25 salmon, one seal, and a seagull all in one day 🙂 Also I once ate 6 donuts in under 3 minutes!

What is your most special memory/ biggest achievement during your time at Charge? My first Deadlift over 100 kg!!

What are your future goals? To be able to deadlift 150kg and run a marathon…maybe go with half a marathon for now 🙂

P.S. Remember to join up for the 8 week Whole Life Challenge! Join the Charge CrossFit team here (It is $10 cheaper if you do it before the end of 15th of April) P.P.S The 15th of April is TODAY!!

Strict press 4 x 3
Deadlift 2 x 3

CCF Member Spotlight WOD
30 Deadlifts 100/60
25 Burpee Box Jumps 30″/24″
20 Hang Power Cleans 60/40
15 Burpee Box Jumps 24″/20″
10 STOH 60/40
5 Burpee Box Jumps 20″/20″
Then OH Walking Lunge 20/15 to finish…

Cobra Extras:
GHD Plank (facing up)
5 Rounds 30 sec on
30 sec rest.