22 Sep 2015

CCF Members Facebook groups

Wednesday September 23, 2015

We have just recently added a Charge CrossFit Members page on Facebook!

It is a group for all members of the Charge CrossFit community. Feel free to use this group to share information with members about anything from how your WOD went, to recipes, or any events you think members would be interested in coming up in the future. This page is here to connect you all together, AM’s and PM’s, owls and roosters. Enjoy Responsibly 😉

This is the link to our Charge CrossFit Members Group on Facebook:


We also have just recently set up a group each for Mobility & Barbell. Check em’ out!

Charge CrossFit Mobility Group

Charge CrossFit Barbell Group

Join the fun guys!

CrossFit Benchmark
5 rounds
Run The Beaver
30 US KB Swings 32/24
30 Pull-ups
As always there will be scaling options 🙂

Remember: Strongman WODfest BBQ day this Saturday at 9am! Be there! Book yourself in so we can arrange the food! Plus whilst you eat our very own Dr Nick Gentile will be enthralling us with another “Nick Talk”. Note: On WODfest days there is only one class on at 9am 🙂