17 May 2016

Charge CrossFit Northcote Member Spotlight WOD – “Ash D”

Ash D sums himself up perfectly (see below). He is awesome! Enough said, read his story below! Hope you enjoy your WOD Ash!

Wednesday 18 May, 2016

Charge CrossFit Northcote Member Spotlight! 

They call me…  Ash, The Real AD

By day I am…  Awesome / a design engineer in automotive.

How long have you been a Charger?  It’ll be 3 years when Charge turns 4.

Tell us about your first Charge CrossFit experience (ie first workout etc): I had just moved to Melbourne and, having had a while out of any regular training since emigrating, and having played team sports (mainly rugby) for as long as I can remember, I wanted to get my fitness up before considering joining a sports club.  As my regular walk to the High Street took me right past the old gym it seemed the obvious place to try.  I hadn’t really heard much about CrossFit but it seemed to have the kind of workouts and intensity I was used to doing at rugby so I gave it a go.  The first few sessions were hard but highly addictive – I was always buzzing when I got home – and my fitness improved really quickly.  It also feels like I’m part of a team – everyone is doing the same as you and will encourage you to smash out those reps.  I had intended to do it for only a few months but here I am 3 years later.

Any advice for someone thinking about starting CrossFit? Don’t be daunted by the videos of d*ckheads banging out deadlifts as quickly as possible, disregarding form, and trying to scale 20 weight plates in one jump for the sake of it (etc etc).  That’s not what it’s about at the decent gyms, of which this is one.  The team at Charge all know their stuff and will make sure you’re working within your means.  Everything can be scaled / personalized so if you’ve never visited a gym in your life or even have an injury that needs rehab, this lot will help you get fitter.

Favourite movement? Although I am currently rubbish at them, overhead squats give me a great sense of achievement – they feel like a culmination of many of the exercises you do at CrossFit.  Everything has to be ‘switched on’ to get them right.

Least favourite movement? DOUBLE-UNDERS!  I still can’t get them consistently.  I’ve probably managed about 15 unbroken a few times but then I get tired and it all goes to sh*t.

Favourite WOD? Can’t remember the names of them but I usually get the best buzz out of something with a combination of running, wall-balls and maybe even burpees.

Least favourite WOD? The ones with double-unders or anything with high reps where I have to lift my body-weight (press-ups, pull-ups etc) – I fatigue pretty quickly if I’m not using my legs!

What would your perfect WOD look like?  See Favourite WOD.

Favourite band/music to WOD to (or would like to WOD to)? When I go running I usually listen to melodic house which I can properly zone out to.  If not that then something like Guns n Roses will do.

Favourite Clean eating/wholesome meal?  Coconut Chana Saag – this dish happens to be vegan (I’m very much a meat and dairy eater) but it’s got a great combo of chick peas, tomatoes and kale, as well as a load of spices so it’s super tasty and it keeps in the fridge for a week.

Favourite movie/tv show? House of Cards, Better Call Saul, Inception.

Tell us something we may not know about you:

  1. Ironically I did a Head and Shoulders TV and magazine campaign about 10 years ago. I believe it even hit these shores.
  2. I was a designer on Lewis Hamilton’s first F1 Championship winning car when I worked at McLaren.
  3. I once got chatted up by Gandalf (yeah, the wizard).

What is your most special memory/ biggest achievement during your time at Charge? Breaking the record for the Helen Street run (at the old gym) and then breaking it again a few weeks later to go unchallenged before the gym moved.  Also getting onto the leader board for Back Squat and Deadlift.

What are your future goals? Double-unders has to be in there but RX Hand-stand Press-ups and Bar Muscle-ups are at the top of the list.

Charge CrossFit Northcote Member Spotlight WOD
“Ash D”
20 min AMRAP
100m Run, 14 US KB Swings 24/26, 7 Burpees + 1 Clean & Jerk 70/45
200m Run, 14 US KB Swings, 7 Burpees + 2 Clean & Jerk 70/45
300m Run, 14 US KB Swings, 7 Burpees + 3 Clean & Jerk 70/45
400m Run, 14 US KB Swings, 7 Burpees + 4 Clean & Jerk 70/45
500m Run, 14 US KB Swings, 7 Burpees + 5 Clean & Jerk 70/45
600m Run, 14 US KB Swings, 7 Burpees + 6 Clean & Jerk 70/45
700m Run, 14 US KB Swings, 7 Burpees + 7 Clean & Jerk 70/45
Continue adding 100m + 1 Clean & Jerk until time runs out!
The Burpees are KB Touching.