20 May 2016

The Charge Open starts this Wednesday!

Saturday 21 May, 2016

Hey guys! The Charge Open starts this Wednesday! Get excited! As did last Saturday, today will give you a “taste” of what you could be in for. As you will notice below, we have three different categories, each with slightly different WOD’s.
Each level caters for a different skill level.
Choose or ask a coach where you fit in and sign up today at the front desk! $20.

The Charge Open’s aim: Friendly competition. Prizes. Consistency. Motivation. Fun. Fitness. Community. Sign up and commit to attending each Wednesday (if there is the odd Wed you can’t make, organise a different time with me (Ash). Set a benchmark for yourself! Did we mention prizes? As well as weekly general prizes raffled off for all registered participants there is also a prize for the person with the highest class attendance during the 6 weeks starting on Wed 25 May. (Rule: Only one class per day will be counted.)

Deadlift Find a heavy 3
All reps must pause for 1 sec on the ground each rep

11 min AMRAP
3 Deadlift 110/75
5 Bar MU
35 DU

11 min AMRAP
3 Deadlift 75/50
7 Pull-ups
35 DU

11 min AMRAP
3 Deadlift 50/35
7 Ring Rows
50 Single Skips

If your back rounds during a rep it is a No rep!
This will be the rule in the Charge Open, uphold it.