The Pull-up Hierarchy

Pull-ups and the many different versions of Strict and Kipping Movements are great milestones for a CrossFitter. I have put together a list of the Pull-up family which includes #thechargeway prerequisites to each level. I want you to understand the process. The Pull-up Hierarchy: The Strict Pull-up. Prerequisite: A MASSIVE combination of different Ring Row […]

Sunday October 27, 2019

Time Cops

Our sessions are jammed packed with goodness! From the warm up to the strength portion to the conditioning then to finish with the cool down/recovery. Each part exists for a reason and every single minute of the hour is accounted for. We have time caps on each part of the session in order to achieve […]

Saturday October 5, 2019

Numbers in Strength + Strength in Numbers

This community you belong to is VERY powerful. Do you feel it when you walk in the gym? This feeling is at the very least a positive gravitational pull that won’t let you back out again. You can’t turn around and walk back down the steps if what you see on the board isn’t in […]

Thursday September 12, 2019

Educational Rant

A common occurrence we witness super often is for someone to perform a Personal Best at something then be super surprised and wonder HOW!? And then state: “But I haven’t even been really working on that?” This is due to a common misconception that the best way to improve at something is to do it […]

Wednesday August 21, 2019