05 Feb 2015

It’s Friday I’m in love!

Coach Tommi and Sarah are getting married tomorrow!! I’d like to personally wish these two awesome people the best of luck in life, love and…CrossFit! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Today, There will be no 6:30PM Cobra session. Saturday Cobra will be running as per normal.

Front Squat 4 x 3 (Same weight across)

 5 Rounds
12 TTB
24m OH Lunges 20/10

It is time to register for the CrossFit Open! It starts on the 26th of Feb and is one workout per week for 5 weeks.
Simply head over to games.crossfit.com and register!
1) Your affiliate is: Charge CrossFit
2) Your team is: Charge CrossFit Cobras
3) If you are 40 years of age or older (as of July 14th, 2015) you are considered a Masters Athlete.  There is a new Masters division for every 5-year age group and the scaling and workouts change with each division. 
Let’s have some fun! If you are unsure if this will be for you – ask us! (The Open is for you! – There is a scaled division, everyone can play!)