The Charge Way Podcast – Ed’s Advice For CrossFitters

  Tune in to this episode to hear Coach Ed’s advice for CrossFitters! Ash interviewed Ed about many different health and fitness related topics – plus there are some questions from our listeners! There is some absolutely unmissable information contained within this sound file – I highly advise you to have a listen if so […]

Wednesday October 16, 2019

The Charge Way Podcast – Interview with Coach David Vuong

Hi Legends! On this latest episode of The Charge Way Podcast hosts Ash & Ed interview Charge CrossFit Coach, David Vuong. Tune in to find out just why he loves coaching and how he has trained to be able to Clean & Jerk one and a half times his body weight!

Wednesday September 18, 2019

The Charge Way Podcast – Why Do You CrossFit?

Welcome to The Charge Way Podcast! Our intention with these podcasts is to bring you information and discussion that helps you along your training journey. In this episode of The Charge Way hosts and Charge Coaches Ash & Ed reflect on why they have trained over their years of doing CrossFit and how that meaning […]

Sunday September 1, 2019