Group Sessions

Be motivated by others!

CrossFit is fun, scalable and achievable for everyone, regardless of your current fitness level. We are able to cater for individuals based on your abilities, strengths and weaknesses to ensure every session is fun, challenging and rewarding.

You are fully coached through every session which is programmed with a specific purpose in mind… To make you fitter and to get you to enjoy training!

You will begin at a reduced intensity level, where your main focus is to learn the correct techniques and how to perform all movements safely. All we need from you is a willingness to learn and work hard in order to progress and achieve results.

To organise your FREE BEGINNER SESSION or if you have any questions, please email us at and we’ll be in touch ASAP!

After that initial session all further intro sessions will be included in your initial membership. These sessions will be used to familiarise yourself with the basic movements needed to function safely and effectively.