Numbers in Strength + Strength in Numbers

Workout of the day fest

This community you belong to is VERY powerful.

Do you feel it when you walk in the gym? This feeling is at the very least a positive gravitational pull that won’t let you back out again.

You can’t turn around and walk back down the steps if what you see on the board isn’t in your current strengths or you don’t feel particularly motivated on that day.

On most days this community POWER can CHARGE you up and help you reach limits you never thought possible! (At least thought impossible when you had a different mindset).

Training on your own certainly doesn’t always have these aspects and I know from experience.

It is SO easy to want to work on what you want and if you’re not feeling it – maybe give up. 

This is essentially one of the driving factors as to why CrossFit really works – Community combined with great programming produces results beyond comparison.

It’s such a privilege to be part of this and all of our Coaches agree.

We’d love to show you!

Contact us at info@chargecrossfit.com.au for more info.