25 Sep 2015

Strongman WODfest BBQ day!

Saturday September 26, 2015

Today is Strongman WODfest BBQ day!

Plus whilst you eat our very own Dr Nick Gentile will be enthralling us with another “Nick Talk”.
Note: On WODfest days there is only one class on at 9am 🙂

Strongman Day!
Tyre flips!
Farmers walks!
Axle Bar Cleans!
Prowler runs!
Awww yeah!

3 Peep Team WOD!
20 min AMRAP
60 Tyre jumps
60 Hang Power Cleans 60/40
60 Plate Snatches
Note: Throughout the 20 minutes you will continually rotate through all partners and complete a 200m Sandbag run each.