Ashley Jones

CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Level 1
Certificate III & IV Personal Training and Fitness
CrossFit Kids Trainer Course
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit Endurance (Endurance sports: Running/Triathlons)
CrossFit Strongman
CrossFit Conjugate Methods (Westside Powerlifting)
CrossFit Aerobic Capacity
CrossFit Defense
Pendlay Olympic Lifting Level 1 & 2
The Outlaw Way Para Bellum Series Training Camp (Competitors training)
The Outlaw Way Science & Precision Series Training Camp
Gymnastics Movements Seminar (Gymnastics WOD Carl Paoli)
The Physio Detective Bulletproof your body seminar
First Aid Level 2
Wim Hof Method 10 week Course
Running Lab Seminar
StrongFit Seminar (w/ Julien Pineau)
StrongFit Coaches week (w/ Julien Pineau)
Strongfeet Certification (Foot + Ankle health)
Ido Portal Movement X Seminar
Gymnastics Bodies Level 1
Ido Portal 2018 Thailand Movement Camp

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