23 Apr 2015

The Amazing Claire!

Claire! 1st place female Scaled!

1st: Claire took out the CCF Female Scaled title! She placed 154 in Aus/NZ region and 28th within our state!

2nd: Karen placed 358th in the region!

3rd: Lou placed 369 in the region!

Great work ladies!!

NOTE: Tomorrow is ANZAC day. We are only open for one class. 9am. Come in and complete our annual “Digger” Partner WOD. Lest we forget.

Start by building up with a 2RM High Hang Squat Clean then set up a rack and perform:
Front Squats 5 x 2 (4 sec lower then explode up each rep – do not disengage at bottom)

6 Rounds
1 min AMRAP
20 Push ups
In the remaining time complete as many DU as possible.
1 min rest

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