24 May 2016

COW 16.1 is brought to you by Me & Julio Cafe in North Fitzroy!

Monday 23 May, 2016

It has BEGUN! COW 16.1!  (Charge Open WOD). Get excited for this “udder-ly” (Cow joke!) awesome decreasing reps/building weight couplet!
Choose your prescription and take your medicine! Get as far down the line as you can within the time limit.

It’s not too late to commit to the six week Charge Open – sign up if you haven’t already! The weekly prize raffle starts today for those who are registered, get your name in the draw!
Also to note: There is  a prize for highest attendance during the period beginning today until Wednesday 29 June. Get your ass in and be consistent! Fine print: Only one class counts per day, except for Thursdays where 7pm Mobility will count for a second class if you attend two on that day.

P.S. If your body and mind is in need of recovery rather than a regular class come in and mobilize or complete Engine club (albeit slower if necessary) instead.  If you take this option please report to a coach first. Let us know what you plan on doing (Like you always need to do!). We love and encourage smart choices. The same goes for anyone needing to change up anything in the ordinary programming or wanting to do extra work. Clear it with a Coach first. We will let you know where to set up and advise you.

This week’s Open WOD is brought to you by: Me & Julio Cafe which is a cafe located on Miller Street in Fitzroy North (quite close to gym). It’s owner/operator is Charger, Aaron Lind! Chances are you have shared a class with him.  Me & Julio cafe vouchers (and other stuff!) are up for grabs in this weeks raffle! If you want some awesome coffee and food make sure you head along and check out Julio (I did just recently and it was delicious – I had the no bread brekkie burger plus a Matcha Latte!) Support the Charge community!

Lastly, you can find the Charge Open Leaderboard here: Click this link!

See you guys at the gym! YEAH!

WOD Notes:
For Rx and Intermediate a Power Clean or a Squat Clean and any STOH can both be used.
For Scaled a Hang power or Hang Squat + any STOH will count.
Score = Total reps

COW 16.1
RX Prescription:
10 min AMRAP
12 TTB
12 Clean & Jerks 40/30
10 TTB
10 Clean & Jerks 50/35
8 Clean & Jerks 60/40
6 Clean & Jerks 70/45
4 Clean & Jerks 80/50
2 Clean & Jerks 90/55
AMRAP Clean & Jerks 100/60

COW 16.1
Intermediate Prescription:
10 min AMRAP
12 TTB
12 Clean & Jerks 20/15
10 TTB
10 Clean & Jerks 30/20
8 Clean & Jerks 40/25
6 Clean & Jerks 50/30
4 Clean & Jerks 60/35
2 Clean & Jerks 70/40
AMRAP Clean & Jerks 80/45

COW 16.1 
Scaled Prescription. 
10 min AMRAP
24 HKR
12 Hang Clean & Jerks 20/8
20 HKR
10 Hang Clean & Jerks 25/13
16 HKR
8 Hang Clean & Jerks 30/18
12 HKR
6 Hang Clean & Jerks 35/23
4 Hang Clean & Jerks 40/28
2 Hang Clean & Jerks 45/33
AMRAP Hang Clean & Jerks 50/38
Note: HKR = Hanging Knee Raises.