The Heavy Bar

Once you have been doing CrossFit for a while you will undoubtedly be faced by a daunting prospect.

The heavy bar.

When you begin your fitness journey the bar may still feel heavy at times – but you need to lift something you are confident you can control and successfully lift. You are greasing the groove and learning the moves.

Often it is heavy in a coordination sense more than strength.

But once you have put in the training hours you are faced with weights and numbers that psyche you out.

And the bar feels HEAVY in your hands.

Did you expect it to feel light as a feather?

Because it IS heavy and you are pushing new limits and forging new strength.

Heavy doesn’t mean easy and it also doesn’t mean you can’t lift it.

It means you need to focus and back yourself.

You are in the right place.

The bar SHOULD feel heavy.

If you struggle with these feelings, use this as your mantra before any lift that scares you.

The bar SHOULD feel heavy!

Lasha Talakhadze currently holds the Snatch world record. (click to watch!)

He has the ability to lift a weight off the ground and over his head in one motion that many people can’t even lift off the ground!


That bar would feel heavy.

Embrace it and keep stepping up to the bar with intention. Don’t let numbers scare you.