22 Feb 2015

The New Timetable starts TODAY!


The new Timetable starts TODAY!! Also, the Open starts this Friday! Plus, we have our first WODfest BBQ day at the new box!!!

On Sat as we are running WODfest, there will only be one class at 9am. Then we eat at 10:30 (at the latest). Also, the Food is on us!!! But, you have to book into both the WOD class and the BBQ class. please start booking ASAP so we can organize the amount of food needed. P.S. it is going to be a Pulled Pork, Paleo Mexican inspired FEAST!….I tasted it last week….it’s AMAZING!!! Don’t miss out! Book in!


Death by TTB

-Rest 3 mins after last person finishes then:

Death by Box Jumps starting at 5….

TTB: On minute 1 you do 1TTB, on 2nd minute you do 2 TTB…Increase one rep per round.

Box jumps/Tyre jumps: On minute 1 you do 5 Box jumps, on 2nd minute you do 6 Box jumps….Increase one rep per round.

Continue until you can no longer complete the amount of reps required per round. If scaling choose an option and stick to it.
-15 mins is the finish line!

THE CROSSFIT OPEN: The CrossFit Open starts on Friday the 26th of Feb! Register here: games.crossfit.com
WODFEST BBQ DAY: 9am Sat 28th of Feb. (Sign up on Mindbody)