The Pull-up Hierarchy

Pull-ups and the many different versions of Strict and Kipping Movements are great milestones for a CrossFitter.

I have put together a list of the Pull-up family which includes #thechargeway prerequisites to each level.

I want you to understand the process.

The Pull-up Hierarchy:

The Strict Pull-up.
Prerequisite: A MASSIVE combination of different Ring Row and Pulling exercises.
The road to a Pull-up is quite an individual pursuit – there are SO MANY factors!

Kipping Pull-ups.
Prerequisite: 3-5 Strict Pull-ups.-Kipping

Chest to Bar Pull-ups.
Prerequisite: 3-5 Strict CTB Pull-ups + 10-15 unbroken Kipping Pull-ups.

Butterfly Kipping Pull-ups.
Prerequisite: 5 Strict Pronated CTB Pull-ups w/ 3 sec holds at top and bottom + 20-30 unbroken Kipping Pull-ups.

Kipping Bar Muscle-ups.
Prerequisite: 1-3 Strict Ring MU + 15-20 unbroken Kipping CTB Pull-ups.

In between each level there is hard work to be done to level up.

There is a MULTITUDE of different drills, exercises, reps and mobility required and will also depend on the individual’s specific needs.

It is common to feel like you are stuck!

But, it’s not always the case – often you need to tune into your body and feel the changes – however small the progress is, it is still progress. Maybe you can do more reps? They are easier reps, or you have become more consistent or have improved the range of motion. These wins seem to hardly get celebrated but they are ESSENTIAL on the journey to each level.

The rules above can definitely be broken. I have seen many people do it. You can achieve Kipping before Strict movements. But at what cost?

To REALLY improve you will be required to shore up your deficiencies and work towards the entry requirements.

Skipping steps almost always ends in plateaus or even possibly some sort of an injury. Plus you are often stunting your fitness overall.

Each level requires a certain expression of shoulder mobility and strength. Being able to hit the required numbers will help you get to the next level and then the next and so on.

Is any of the exercises above a goal of yours?

If you would like to learn these exercises or get some extra help, send us an email at info@chargecrossfit.com.au or let’s talk in class. We can formulate a plan and individual program for you to fast track you to the next level.