30 Apr 2015

The WLC starts TOMORROW! Join up TODAY!

Megan V, Sarah G & Brigid!

Hey guys! The Whole Life challenge starts TOMORROW!! We will all be completing a workout together tomorrow morning which will then be re-tested 8 weeks later. If you cannot make Saturday morning you need to do this WOD as the conditioning piece during one of our sessions today. Please let us know if this is the case for you 🙂

Note: On Saturday there will not be a 10am Cobra Squad Class.

Partners/friends & Family are also very welcome to join our team! This is a community challenge! Even if they are yet to try CrossFit. They can still participate. We will have an appropriate workout for them to do on Saturday and then re-test in 8 weeks. (The two workouts will be of no charge 🙂

8 weeks of forming great habits for yourself.
Exercise 3-5 times per week.
Eat Clean.
Drink Water.
Stretch 10 mins per day
Sleep & recover.

In 8 weeks you can accomplish SO MUCH! We are so excited to be doing this! I want you all to join our team and kick even more ass than normal!
If you haven’t done so already join the Charge CrossFit team here

On the Front Squats our “grind it out” phase begins today. We want to get stronger mentally and not give up on reps because they feel heavy. This is also aimed at improving finishing cleans that are caught in a dead stop.

The Squat Cleans now move to the low Hang position. Take advantage of the better position of leverage. Lift heavier. Stay fast.  But as always value good movement above weight.

Start by building up with a 5RM Low Hang Squat Clean then set up a rack and perform:
Front Squats 3 x 5 (3 sec pause in bottom of each rep w/ no bounce on the way up)

“The Bean bag beat down”….