Time Cops

Our sessions are jammed packed with goodness! From the warm up to the strength portion to the conditioning then to finish with the cool down/recovery.

Each part exists for a reason and every single minute of the hour is accounted for.

We have time caps on each part of the session in order to achieve the sessions objectives and also finish the sessions on time.

Your time is valuable to us!

As well as finishing the session on time – time caps also play another SUPER valuable part.

They preserve the stimulus.

This is most evident during our Metcons (metabolic conditioning workouts).

Expressing intensity over different time domains produces different adaptations, utilises different energy systems and also different components of Fitness.

Throughout the week we are aiming to train these different energy systems and components.

There is a different energy system used for short time domains – this is called the Phosphagen system and generally lasts 10-30 seconds. The Glycolytic system is utilized for medium time slots (30 sec – 2 min). Longer duration efforts rely on the Oxidative system (2-3 min +).

This is also why scaling is SO valuable and should NEVER be seen as a negative thing.

No one is the same.

If a workout is designed to be finished in 5-8 mins. The stimulus is very different if it takes 12 mins.

Preserving the intended stimulus is what matters. Not RX or whatever name or leader-board position you put value on.

A competition will have everyone using the same weights and reps.

But training isn’t a competition.

Effective scaling (scaling both up OR down) allows each of us to complete a similar workout and achieve similar effects.

Regardless of physical abilities or experience levels.

Our goal is to help you all choose the correct amount of reps and the appropriate weight in order to meet the objective of the stimulus.

If you find yourself “time capped” often in our sessions make sure you talk to us about it. We can help you make some scaling selections and enjoy the gains you deserve.