17 Jan 2017

Wednesday 18th January 2017

Charge CrossFit Northcote Member Spotlight – Craig!

They call me… simply Craig

By day I am… I run a Process Instrument Engineering Business (sorry Ash, we don’t build guitars)

Age: I gave up counting after I ran out of fingers and toes.

How long have you been a Charger? Must be coming up on 2 years now.

Tell us about your first Charge CrossFit experience (ie first workout etc): Dave G gave me the heads up about Charge, and in his persuasive way managed to talk me into having a go. Dave stated “you JUST do some strength work and finish with a bit of running up the laneway” I can’t remember what the first workout was, but on the 3rd run up Helen St, Dave had a lot to answer for.

Any advice for someone thinking about joining Charge? Just manage to get yourself through the door the first time, that’s all it takes. Scale and enjoy. During a WOD, not only is the strength stuff a challenge, but it’s the mental game that puts me to the test, that’s when the encouragement from the coaches and your class mates pushes you through. I’m no sadist but its pretty awesome to see what you can achieve.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CF (before/after)? I’m about as flexible as a post, so to see my range of movement increase is unreal.

Favourite WOD/movement? Partner WODS are cool, share the pain, and 12 days of Xmas, I reckon it’s the confusion that makes it seem bearable. Anything that requires body weight seems to agree with me.

Least favourite WOD/movement? 15.5. Pretty sure my mental game was busted after the rower. Dead Bugs and Box Jumps (scar to prove it) are up there as well.

Favourite band/music to WOD to (or would like to WOD to)? The charge music is on the money, any inspiration during a WOD is a help. I’m a big Jam fan, and I grew up on a diet 80’s rock.

Favourite Clean eating/wholesome meal? If I’ve got to be honest, it’s a burger and a beer. Its all about balance!

Favourite movie/tv show/book/quote? Without doubt “The Big Lebowski”

Tell us something we may not know about you: Launched myself of an Olympic downhill ski jump ONCE.

What is your most special memory/ biggest achievement during your time at Charge? When all the stars align and I managed to complete my first and probably only RX WOD.

What are your future goals? To get a handle on what all the acronyms stand for.


Todays WOD

Sumo Deadlift


3 Rounds For Quality
Straddle complex 10,10,10
Hamstring curls 10 + 10 sec hold
Pistol Squats 10 e.s. 3 sec in bottom