20 Sep 2016

Wednesday, 21st September 2016


Charge CrossFit Northcote Member Spotlight – Sav!

They call me…Mum! Muum! Muuuum! (yelled out…loud!), Sav, Saverina, My Mum calls me Savvy

By day I am…A Fitness Instructor and Communications Coordinator at Reservoir Leisure Centre & Group Fitness Coordinator at Genesis Bundoora and Full-time Mum to Gabriel, my 10-year-old son.
I teach most styles of Group Fitness Classes e.g. BODYPUMP, RPM/Spin, Yoga/Pilates

How long have you been a Charger?
Almost 12 months – Joined end Sept 2015?

Tell us about your first Charge CrossFit experience (ie first workout etc):
I did a trial in December 2013 at Helen St. I didn’t puke, faint or die, and was completely hooked. It took me almost 2 years to accept that sleeping past 5am is overrated, so mentally and physically committed to attend the 6am sessions at Charge.

Any advice for someone thinking about starting CrossFit?
Don’t be influenced by some professionals in the health & fitness industry who have negative opinions about it!  There’s something for everyone, you will unlikely get injured if you listen to your body and scale as needed.  The support from all the people around you and the friends you make from all walks of life, and all parts of the world, is genuinely awesome…you don’t get that in a mainstream gym!

Favourite movement?
I swear I love Burpees and Thrusters…not joking!

Least favourite movement?
I love to hate Box Jumps; they scare me to death!  I don’t even need to jump up onto the box to get my heart rate up; I just need to look at it!

Favourite WOD?
The WOD we did on SUP Day at the beach (wish we lived closer to the beach for more beach WODs) and BACON, as it has a bit of everything!

Least favourite WOD?
My least favourite are the WODs that have movements I can’t do (Pull ups, TTB), but I do try to see the good in all WODs…I scale as needed, and then beat myself up when I realise I could’ve gone faster, lifted heavier, etc.

What would your perfect WOD look like?
21-15-9 (That equals 45? Right?) Thruster – Push Press – Front Squat with a short run (200m) in between each round.

Favourite band/music to WOD to (or would like to WOD to)?
I grew up in the 80’s…need I say more? All the hair metal groups!
If you ever workout close to me, I apologise now for my singing if a song I like comes on!

Favourite Clean eating/wholesome meal?
I’m vegetarian, but keep my eating as close to paleo as possible…The granola I make is probably my most compliant favourite!  Hit me up for the recipe…it rocks!

Favourite movie/tv show?
I like a good Aussie TV Series, I’m still to catch up on the whole last season of Offspring. In regards to movies, I like watching a good comedy…I think life is already too serious to watch anything too dramatic.

Tell us something we may not know about you:
In 1985, I was the youngest person to complete the Exercise to Music (Aerobics) Leaders Course and later completed what is now Cert 4 in Fitness.  For over 30 years, I’ve been instructing/coaching – now it’s my turn to be coached!
Also, I’m a patternmaker by trade…I would like my own clothing label one day…And work from home…somewhere near a beach…so I can SUP whenever I feel like it!

What is your most special memory/ biggest achievement during your time at Charge? Jumping on that goddamn wooden box!!!

Also, finishing #1 in Australia for 16.5 in my division (Masters 45-49/Scaled) in this year’s Open was pretty cool!

What are your future goals? I like the challenge and motivation that comes with participating in comps, whether they’re in-house, The Open or ones held locally.  I’ve entered a couple of beginner’s comps and have done ok, but I need to work on my weaknesses to do better in any future ones.  I don’t necessarily need to win, but I need to be able to meet the standards to feel a complete sense of achievement.

I have a ‘ME vs ME’ mentality…I continually aspire to be:

– the best possible version of myself (with lots of muscles)
– a role model for my son, he already does CF Kids and he can’t wait to join the Charge Teens
– an inspiration to the clients that continue to frequent my classes

For now, I’m going to take Ash’s advice and embrace my age (there are clues in the bio as to what it is). I want to keep functioning efficiently for many years to come.  My Mum is 81 and goes to gym every day – Her ‘get up and go’ attitude inspires me beyond words!

And…In the words of my very good friend and first CF coach, you all know him as Alan, ‘I want to be FIT FOR LIFE!’


Todays WOD:

Find Heavy 3 OHS from Ground


Cash in: 15 OH Squat 60/40
5 Rounds
8 Russian KB Swings 32/24
Cash out: 15 OH Squat 60/40