29 May 2016

What will COW 16.2 bring?

What will COW 16.2 bring? Stay tuned for it’s release at 6:30pm Tuesday night!

Monday 30 May, 2016

An overview of this week:
Today we have Squats baby!!
Tues = Bench + Sammy’s WOD
Wed = COW 16.2!!!!
Thurs =Cleans and Jerks!
Fri =Squats and skills!
Sat =Snatch + “girl” type WOD

Hatch Squat Week 6/ day 1

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5


Weighted Strict Pull-ups – Find a 4RM
4×5 Ring Rows A(Hard)AP

3 rounds
15 US KB Swings
15 Pushups
10 US KB Swings
10 Push ups

Rest 1min between rounds

The aim is to choose a weight and scale the Push ups in order to finish every round in under 2 mins each.