27 Feb 2015



This is a little montage of Tracey during and post WOD!

NOTE: There is only a 9am class today as it’s WODfest!!! Our BBQ day! We will be eating at 10:30 at the latest! If you can only make the food, feel free to still come along. Please book yourself in!


3 x 10 strict KTE

“One life….. Three WODs!”
8 min AMRAP
5 CTB Pullups
10 Db Snatch 20/12.5 (5 e.s)

-Rest 3 mins-

8 min AMRAP
15 US KB Swings 24/16
20 Push ups

-Rest 3 mins-

8 min AMRAP
25 Wall balls 9/7
30 Tyre jumps

Notes: Db Snatch can be alternated as needed. The Db cannot be dropped.
Have 3 scores – round + reps per each different AMRAP.