30 May 2016

Charge CrossFit Northcote Member Spotlight! Sammy B!

This weeks spotlight is on Sammy B! I love where Sammy has taken this. From being a full-time smoker to being a full time badass! Great work man!

Hope you enjoy your WOD! (P.S. Person of interest is one of my favorite TV shows also!)

Charge CrossFit Northcote Member Spotlight!

They call me…Sam, Sammo, Sammy, Tex.

By day I am…A Gallery Attendant.

How long have you been a Charger? About 1 year.

Tell us about your first Charge CrossFit experience (ie first workout etc): I was so nervous when I walked in because I’d been smoking a pack a day for eight years and exercise was only something I’d wished I could do. But from the moment I walked in the atmosphere was amazing and I was made to feel welcome, no one ever judged the fact I couldn’t do much. I started with the newbie workout got home and spewed, but couldn’t wait to go back again.

Any advice for someone thinking about starting CrossFit? Honestly just give it ago, there are no excuses and the only thing holding you back is yourself. Anything you don’t feel comfortable with the coaches will work with you, you can scale any workout to any fitness level or injury and people are amazing.

Favourite movement? Double unders, bench, snatch, burpees, box jumps, sit ups.

Least favourite movement? Cleans (but finally getting the hang of them), deadlifts, pistols, pull ups, push ups

Favourite WOD? 12 days of Christmas, Fitness 101, Mini Murph.

Least favourite WOD? Any with 50 wall balls, thrusters or squats, always hurts the next day.

What would your perfect WOD look like? 20 min AMRAP: run the beaver, 100 sit-ups, 20 pull ups.

Favourite band/music to WOD to (or would like to WOD to)? Anything with a fast heavy beat during a WOD, but like hip-hop during strength.

Favourite Clean eating/wholesome meal? Steak, sweet potato chips and steamed peas. Also the desserts at the at the WODfests are Amazing!!

Favourite movie/tv show? My other favourite past time, too many to name but I’ll try a few… The killing, luther, madmen, the wire, the news room, chuck, game of thrones, Vikings, the flash, supernatural, white collar, suits, dare devil, person of interest and the west wing. I try to find something to like in most movies even if it’s how bad they are.

Tell us something we may not know about you: When I was five I got to pick my middle name so I chose ‘Tex’, because he was the bad guy in my favourite cartoon Superted.

What is your most special memory/ biggest achievementduring your time at Charge? First time I finally got my chin over the bar in a pull-up felt awesome because I’d been working towards it for ages then one day it was just there.

What are your future goals? Run a sub 3 min beaver, lift a body weight bench and clean, 10 strict pull ups. Learn how to do a kipping pull up.

Tuesday 31 May, 2016

Bench Press
Find a heavy 3
Complete 5 x 3 @ 90% of heavy 3

Charge CrossFit Northcote Member Spotlight WOD :
Sammy B!
Partner WOD – In pairs complete for time:
Row 1km
60 Bench Press 60/40
50 DB Snatch 20/12
40 Med ball Sit ups (40 each)
30 Sync Burpees (30 each)

Engine Club (extra work):
R-eighted! (Not for the faint hearted!)
Row 1000m
Run the Beaver
Row 800m
Run 400m
Row 400m
Run 200m
Row 200m
Run 100m